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Charm Relay

The Thirty-ninth Theme is Cooking

These are mixed Charms that relate in some way to the preparation of food.

Fire Harms Not The Cook - Han'ya
This is a Terrestrial Charm

Cost: 2 motes
Type: Reflexive
Duration: One Scene
Keywords: None
Minima: Craft 2, Essence 1
Prerequisites: None

The Dragon-Blooded cook, in a display of her evident superiority over mere mortals, need not even take care about open flame or hot metal. Fire shies away from her skin, and she can flip her omelettes without benefit of a spatula. For the remainder of the scene, she may soak lethal damage inflicted by heat, fire, or other such effects with her full Stamina. Fire Aspects do not pay the elemental surcharge for this Charm.

Heart through the Stomach Method - Paincake
Sidereal Charm

Cost: 5 motes
Type: Supplemental
Duration: One Month
Keywords: Memory, Great Curse, Delicious
Minima: Craft 3, Essence 2
Prerequisites: Yummy Yum-Yum Prana

The average Sidereal can't be remembered, and has to spend a lot of time and effort to recapture and maintain people's memories. With this charm, their task becomes easier; they must add a bit of their self to what meal they prepare (a flake of skin, a tear, an eyelash, a drop of blood) and then those who eat the meal they prepare have an easier time remembering them. This slows the disappearance of Sidereals from people's minds and hearts for one month, and after the affect wears off the Exalt has but to cook for their friend or loved one again and they are remembered as though they'd never left.

Food of the Gods - Heru
Solar Charm

Cost: 5m; Mins: Craft 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Any Craft Excellency

Sometimes the Chosen of the Sun realize that to give their gifts to others they must put it in a more edible form. This Charm enhances a Craft action to create edible and enjoyable food that is also nutritious. And while that is a side effect of the Charm, the real effect is that through Solar puissance the food prepared functions as an alchemical formula. Restrictions do exist, the Solar must know the formula that he is created, despite the fact that no actual ingredients from that formula are used in the food. In addition, the formula that is used must be something that in its true form be ingestible by humans safely. So something like Eagle's Eye Potion could work but a Deathlord's Breath would not be applicable.

Hungry Spider Feast - Sz
Abyssal Charm

Cost: 1m+ per hl; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Dead Man's Grasp

Once the Deathknight has brought a prey within her grasp, she may feed on them as ravenously as a hungry spider that had imprisoned a butterfly in its web. Once the target has been clinched and received at least 1 lethal HL of damage, the Abyssal pours forth raw death Essence into the target's wound. Once introduced, the target's body and soul become shredded by the necrotic Essence, which cooks them inside out into an exquisite delicacy for the Abyssal to feed upon.

The Abyssal must spend motes of Essence equal to (1 or Target's Essence) per HL the target still retains, including Dying HLs as well, when activating this Charm. Once done so, they begin to lose (Abyssal's Essence) HL per tick as the death Essence rapidly liquefies their body and soul. Once the last Dying health level has been depleted, the Deathknight only need to slurp up her victim and let loose its paper-thin husk. Perhaps because of the incomprehensible agony of being blended alive, the Abyssals find the results extremely delicious and satisfying; the motes gained by consuming the victim increases threefold, thus providing the Abyssal twice the Essence it would have usually provided. That is, if the victim has not awakened his Essence. If so, this Charm would only be useful for the agony and speed it provides.

This Charm does not work against other Exalted or inherently supernatural beings (which exclude enlightened mortals) due to their potent Essence. Also, even a single mote of such supernatural Essence introduced to the victim's system by touch will disrupt the Charm's effect, as the inner torrent of death Essence becomes disrupted.


If one ignores the keywords and the prerequisite (though they are funny, and I did laugh when reading them for the first time), the second charm is actually pretty good and very definitely useful. I like it and think it fits in the game. Also, what do you guys think of the charm that I created. -Heru

Thanks for the compliments.. it's probably one of the only charms I've made, ever. Your charm seems really useful, though is there a limit as to the artifact rating of the alchemical potion you make? I know some of those potions can get pretty crazy at the high-end. (or perhaps I am mistaken.) Otherwise, it seems really fun. - Paincake

The Charm is extremely impractical, but I like the image. How else is an Abyssal gonna cook anything anyways? :| - Sz

Sz, that is righteously nifty. - Han'ya

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