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The Fell Star (Red Dirja)


The history isn't exactly edited and stuff don't take it at face value.


Cathak Dirja was a malicious, if introverse and socially distant, child. The knowledge that her chances of becoming a dragon-blooded were tremendously high--due to her parents' breeding--only spoke to her ego more, feeding her superiority and arrogance.

At the age of seven she claimed her nickname--Red Dirja--after slaughtering a wolf and purposefully bathing herself in its blood. She was found by the groundskeeper of [her school] knee deep in the substance, her eyes as vicious as the wolf she had just killed had once been.

Every year after that, on the anniversary of the day, she hunted a hunter--an eagle, a hawk, a lion, a tiger--and slaughtered it, donning it’s blood as a cleansing liquid. No one but her mother ever really bothered to ask why she did such a thing, and she was met with an arrogant and disinterested sigh, followed by: “I am preparing for fate.”

Dirja’s Exaltation came in a red haze of bloody Fate, indeed. Her sister, Cathak Saya, had always been of the occult mentality--when she became a demonic Anathema, Dirja was comfronted with a choice: be loyal to her sister and at least stand aside and let her pass and escape...or halt her and bring the Unclean down.

Red Dirja hated her sister.

They fought for an hour before the authorities arrived to see them at war. Saya was struck down by her own father--Cathak Borrin--as Dirja--ignored for some reason unknown to her at the time--was spirited away by the gardener...who was oddly familiar.

It wasn’t hard to convince Dirja of the truth--that she was a Sidereal Exalted, and one of those that control the Realm almost as much as the Scarlet Empress--for she was already arrogant and self important, and this only fed her ambitious nature.

Being a logical--if a little violent--person, she joined the Bronze Faction. She had no particular love for the dragon-blooded, especially not now that she was something even more important. But she worked with them when needed and taught them what she knew, her abilities growing as she watched her former family, chuckling all the while at their incompetance and unimportance.

In her studies, she learned everything that was needed of her. However, nothing thrilled her more than the Hunt; and so the Celestial Bureaucracy was put aside as she dove into her martial studies. her Sifu, an ancient Sidereal of famed skills, taught her the ways of the martial arts. She first learned [Dragon Style] before convincing her Sifu to teach her the Charcoal March of the Spiders.

Demon hunters were popular, especially among the Chosen of Battles, and Dirja was quick to take any opportunity to lead a Wyld Hunt, as she considered Anathema demons, or at least on the same level. She was one of the most dedicated of the demon hunters. At some point, her skills were challenged by a young Chosen of Journeys--Andim Mael--but after besting him in a mock-sword fight challenge, every action he performed went unnoticed by the callous Shieldbearer.

Seven years before the disappearance of the Empress, Red Dirja betrayed everything she had learned in the past centuries and gave herself to darkness and death. On a cold night, while taking a trip to Creation with her Sifu, she lured him to a shadowland, where she claimed there was a disturbance. As soon as they were trapped in the Underworld, a hundred Hungry Ghosts and the Chosen of Battles ripped the old Sidereal master apart. She smiled as the blood splattered on her face. Her newly chosen master was the lord of the Thousand, First and Forsaken Lion. No one knows why--even Chejop Kejak claims to be in the dark about her motivations and reasons.

It has proven impossible to find her, due to her apparent residence in the Underworld--although she is known to hold a Fire-Aspected Manse somewhere in the South...but it’s not clear exactly where.

She now goes by the title “The Fell Star,” although she accepts being called Red Dirja. Anyone that even says the name Cathak dies by her hand instantly.


Caste: Chosen of Battles
Concept: Traitor
Nature: Bravo
Allegiance: First and Forsaken Lion

     Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5
     Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
     Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

     Journeys: Endurance 3, -Ride 5, Sail 1, Survival 3, Thrown 2
     Serenity: Craft (Fate) 2, -Dodge 7 (Full Dodge +3), Linguistics 3, Performance 2, Socialize 2
     Battles: Archery 3, Brawl 2, Melee 7 (Swords +3), Presence 3, Resistance 4
     Secrets: Investigation 1, Larceny 2, -Lore 5, Occult 2, Stealth 3
     Endings: Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Bureaucracy 2, -Martial Arts 7 (Multiple Opponents +3), Medicine 1

     Backgrounds: Abyssal Command 2, Acquaintances 2, Artifact 5, Connections 2 (Underworld), Manse 3, Resources 4, Savant 2
     Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 5
     Charms: Martial Arts (Completed Fire Dragon Style and Charcoal March of the Spiders), Dodge (Absence, Duck Fate), Endurance (Ox-Body Technique), Melee (Entire Sidereal Melee Tree), Resistance (Shield of Mars), Stealth (Soft Presence Practice)

     House of War: The Banner 1, The Gauntlet 2, The Quiver 1, The Shield 2, The Spear 1

Essence: 7
     Peripheral: 22/22
     Personal: 50/63
     Committed: 13
Willpower: 8/8

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