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Circle of the Perfect Golden Deep Dish

by haren

This isn't anything big, but a game idea for Exalted.

Imagine the serene streets of Nexus. So many people. So many hungry people too busy to stop to eat, yet needing food to keep the wheels turning. Here's where the circle enters in. In theory we have our Twilight, the Chosen of Journeys, Changing Moon, Fire Dragon-Blood, and Moonshadow. What brings them together? A dream.

A dream of creating the perfect pizza and selling it to people. Of making oodles of cash. Of using their powers to make the world a better place by reducing hunger pangs.

The Twilight is a master chef. Lord of all things yummy. The Changing Moon gets only the finest ingredients for the Solar. The Dragon-Blood is required to power the oven and keeping everything running, creating only the most mystically and perfectly feng shuied pizzas. Pepperoni aligned to channel the essence flows into bringing out the full flavor! Our Moonshadow runs billing and collections, which on occasion get messy. And the Chosen of Mercury gets the pizza to people as they order, with their power to see the future and travel almost perfectly.

Of course you need to have rivals... battles to get more customers, ruining each other, while getting your own food there on time.


*starts laughing maniacally, unable to help himself, as he contemplates the permutations of his idea... perhaps even an Iron Chef tie-in!* - Ashande

One day the Twilight wakes up to find a note on the door of the restaruant that says only: "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are." Four chefs from Nexus, each one having mastered cuisine from one of the four outer Elemental Poles and having incorporated those styles into traditional Scavenger Lands dishes, have challenged the Twilight to culinary duels. These bouts are to be overseen by the God of Gourmet, a being known only as "The Chairman", who will select suprise ingredients for each duel. These battles will be for the turf rights to the various districts in Nexus. Will the Twilight prevail? Only time will tell. Allez cuisine! -- Mnemosynis