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Playtesting and Showcasing Player-made MA

by haren and FWW

After a bit of thought, it was realized that the biggest problem with most fan Martial Art styles is a lack of actual playtesting. People are afraid to take them, either because they worry about how useful they will be, or because they don't think their ST will approve of it. So, we decided to see about running mock battles to test out different ones.

At the moment, we're not quite ready to start. We're still deciding on basic rules, and creating a fair but useful template for different Exalt types. At first, we're planning on sending only Exalts of the same type and caste against each other with only the MA charms. They will be identical except one will have a fan style we'll test out. After a while, we'll mix it up by testing more styles against each other, and with differing Exalts. Stay tuned for more information!

Character Templates

Solar Martial Artist Template -MartialArtsTesting/SolarTemplate
Sidereal Martial Artist Template 1 -MartialArtsTesting/SiderealTemplate1

Martial Arts Summarys

Testing Logs