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Not really sure what to put here... I am a regular lurker on the WW forums (username is corlandashiva but I post very rarely). I live in London (UK), am 27 years old. I work for an international company and am based in Croydon. I play Exalted (playing a Lunar in a Solar game atm), GURPS Supers, BTVS (set in the wild west) and a whole bunch of other stuff.. I have always roleplayed, as far back as I can remember (mainly dnd 2nd but other stuff as well) and do not intend to stop anytime soon.

18th April 2007 - Update: Many changes in my personal life in the last 4 years. I've updated the bio bit above, and I may even become a regular here again. Don't count on it though :-)

2E Stuff

Not much for here so far, some thoughts on the virtues is about all so far. I would like to mention that I love 2E so far - the Solar book was cool, the DB book not bad, and the Lunar book rocks my world. Finally, Lunars we can play without having to houserule to kingdom come.

Oh - and I'm very glad they combined Brawl and MA, and introduced a decent Social Combat system :-)

1E Stuff

CorlanDashiva/TheGodsThemselves - This is a little project I am working on. Feel free to take a look and - as always - comments and criticisms are welcome...


This is actually about one of your necromancy spells - A Mote in the Gods' Eye - since there isn't a comment section there. Aren't Sidereals chosen from birth, not at a specific moment, thus rendering them immune to this spell? -Seraph
- I think you're right, which would make them immune to the spell. I don't have the Sidereal book, but will be able to look at one in a week or so - CorlanDashiva