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Just an idea, but what if there was a link between Exalted and their God/dess. I've been starting to think of the Exalted sparks as maybe a... parts of the different Celestines and Dragons. Parts that were lost accidently in the creation of the Exalted. Different aspects that they have lost without realizing it. Now, these sparks probably have a... for lack of a word, downstream link to their source. Things that affect the source can affect them, but what if while that is true, they can exist completely independant? What if the source of the Great Curse on the Exalted was not directly from the Malfeans, but from the Gods? What if the Malfeans cursed the Gods who struck them down with their servants. This could explain alot, the Great Curse and the Game, maybe... But just an idea. - haren


It's a cool idea. I've always understood the Solar sparks especially to be not quite separate from their parent. As many others have said, Celestial Exalts are to the Gods what 2nd circle demons are to Yozis, ie an extension or partition of the soul. In this case, of course, it's joined to the soul of a mortal... - Kicker