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Ideas for Crunch I haven't made yet

[12:59am] •haren• Protective charms that do make you battle hardened... perhaps lowering diffs against certain sorts of problems.
[01:00am] ·charlequin· like what?
[01:01am] •haren• Maybe an Abyssal's virtues have become toughened against the entreaties of the US' servants... diff is lowered by 1 or more when opposing them
[01:01am] ·charlequin· hmmm. interesting.
[01:01am] •haren• So their own darkness cloaks them from their counterparts' light.
[01:02am] ·charlequin· ah, yeah. I like that.
[01:02am] ·charlequin· abyssals get some neat virtue-related charms, I think.
[01:02am] •haren• Yeah, it's different than a virtue specialty... but feels like a very possible charm concept.
[01:02am] ·charlequin· yeah.
[01:02am] •haren• Solars would be toughened against creatures of darkness.
[01:02am] ·charlequin· mmhmm
[01:02am] •haren• Hmm, but where would it go?
[01:02am] ·charlequin· probably presence.


I'd say Resistance would be a bit more likely, depending on the spin you gave it. - szilard