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Games of Divinity

This is a drama about Heaven, and the affairs of the Gods. The two main characters are Hannak`dur, a Celestial Lion who was entrusted with a secret task long ago (before the Usurpation) by one of the Solar Exalted, and Wang`fu -- his Lion dog deputy and wise-cracking companion. The most important facts about this story are two. One, it's something of a comedy -- not everything should be played for kicks and the core of the story is generally pretty serious. However, don't be afraid to poke fun at the Gods and Exalted as a whole. Two, it's a drama -- it will consist largely of dialogue, with a bit of 'stage directions' thrown in as well. I wanted to do something different, and the idea of a drama stood out to me.

Chapter and Queue Listing

  1. Prologue and Act I, by CrownedSun
  2. Act II, Scenes 1 - 3, by SandJack
  3. Act II, Scenes 4 - 6, by dissolvegirl
  4. Act III, Scenes 1 - 3, by haren
  5. Act III, Scene 4, by SandJack
  6. Act IV, Scene 1-2, by CrownedSun