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Fountain of Drowned Loss

This spring and it's resulting pool are known to be sought out by those both living and dead. It is said any who look into it may see the things they have lost, and yet that they desire keenly. It is said that there have been Exalted who sought out the fountain seeking the knowledge and artifacts of their past lives. It is able to show both the past of these things and the present resting place of them. Sometimes, it is said, that it may show a path to regaining the lost. Yet strangely, for a pool with such great powers of sight, there are few who seek it out.

The fountain is believed to be the heart of a powerful Demense filled throughout with the energies and needs of rememberance and loss. That looking in the pool draws these emotions into those who gaze upon it's revealed images. Often their desire for the object and the grief that comes with it are so great as to overwhelm all but the strongest willed. In this outpouring of emotion, they dive into the icy waters, to drown and die... or to pass into what comes next, though if it leads to Lethe or Oblivion, none can say with certainty. This pool is found within the wilds of the Northern Underworld.