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Hey hey hey, it's your friendly neighborhood fangirl, Elizabeth, AKA Dissolvegirl. I enjoy art and photography, but most of all, I looooooove Exaltedy goodness.

Technical Stuff

Dissolvegirl/Artifacts - Just one at the moment, but I like it. Dissolvegirl/BigBookOfAnswers - An ongoing project I've been neglecting where I'm trying to answer the big questions regarding Creation, just to flesh out my games. Input and ideas are more than welcome. Dissolvegirl/Hearthstones - A rather paltry collection compared to some, but I enjoy them. Dissolvegirl/Fiction - Random stories, character backgrounds, and cut scenes.


This is where I'm going to be posting detailed descriptions of (and perhaps some fiction starring) my PCs and my favorite NPCs.

PCs (oldest to newest):



The Smell of Blood and Betrayal: This game ran for about 8 or 9 sessions, I think, before ending due to scheduling conflicts. It's a good ol' fashioned murder mystery gone somewhat epic. Want to know more? The summary is viewable atDissolvegirl/SiderealGame. The spoilers are atDissolvegirl/SiderealSpoilers, although they're not exactly "spoilers" any more. I would really and truly love to try to run a game with this same premise once more.

<bDissolvegirl/DayOfTheDead:</b> I just got the most badass idea for a mixed-type game with a very limited number of players. This is where I'm going to be dumping the ideas for it. And remember kids: if you might play it, don't read it. I keep almost starting this game, but life continues to get in the way. Vervain is a lifesaver, though.

<bDissolvegirl/TaskForceCreation:</b> Superhero Solars kicking ass in the name of the Unconquered Sun. Again, a game I'd like a second go at, at some point.

<bDissolvegirl/IntrigueIsTheNewBlack:</b> Sidereals working in the superficial, cut-throat, wild and wacky Bureau of Fashion and Trend Design. I'm going to be starting this on IRC soon.

Non-technical stuff

Wiki Pages I like

Group Projects

  • Whirlwind Brush Method, an awesome group story project that keeps me amused to no end. I'm broke and I love to read, so it makes me happy. I would be even happier if people would write for it again!
  • A thousand and one manses is the place to go for manses for all of those hearthstones people keep creating. And also, a place to make your own manse.
  • ExaltedBeachVolleyball is a great project that is in desperate need of renaissance.

Personal Pages

  • BogMod is the cool creator of ExaltedBeachVolleyball.
  • Charlequin is cool, and his "secret" project rocks my socks.
  • CrownedSun is the founder of WoDIRC, which takes up way too much of my spare time.
  • FourWillowsWeeping is talented and fun and a wellspring of ideas. His turns of phrase keep me smiling, whether in his fiction or in simple conversation.
  • haren is called "the Abyssal chick" for good reason. WOW, a lot of awesome crunchiness there.
  • Ikselam is a great guy. Besides exploding with hearthstones on a regular basis, he has infernals and stuff too. And occasionally, he'll actually deign to grace us with his outstanding writing!
  • Mnemosynis also doesn't have a lot of content, but the content he has is awesome stuff, especially "Twinkin' out with Mnemosynis," which he really needs to tend to! Plus he started the manse project, plus he's my husband. Can't get much cooler than him. :)
  • Vervain, AKA "The Lady Vervain" from the WW forums, is working onDissolvegirl/DayOfTheDead with me, and has super-duper-awesome ideas.

Off-Wiki Pages I like

  • Strycki, AKA CharWiki is a smaller wiki dedicated to many different types of RPGs. I would have migrated there during the wiki outage, were I not utterly adverse to learning a new style of markup.
  • Diesel Sweeties is, 9 days out of 10, the best webcomic I read. Plus, R. Stevens is the maker of the "I am ten ninjas" T-shirt that is probably my single favorite piece of clothing.
  • My DeviantART site is full of examples of my favorite hobby aside from Exalted-- photography.
  • My iStock portfolio is full of all my "professional" photography. And half-naked women covered in dice! Seriously.
  • Popcap is the maker of Psychobabble, the most ridiculously addictive word game since Scrabble.



How'd your first game session of Task Force Creation go, anyway?? -- CrownedSun

It sounds like people really enjoyed it, which makes me happy. I know I had a total blast. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game as a whole develops-- I really lucked out with awesome players, and awesome advice and inspiration from Kraken, Ikselam, and Mnemosynis. --dissolvegirl