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Maw of the Dragons

Jade Daiklave
Artifact • • •
Commitment cost: 8 motes
Profile: Spd +7 Acc +3 Dam +6L Def +2 Rate 5

The Maw of the Dragons is an unusual weapon favoured by a handful of the Wyld hunt's more eccentric hunters. It is a daiklave built out of black and white jade, with a complex mechanism running over the blade. It functions like a normal daiklave, except for one alternative use: It doubles as a mancatcher.

The Maw can be opened and used to make a clinch attack as a simple action. The daiklave splits and segments, the blade forming a mouth, the mechanism pulling on the sections. Releasing the grip causes the Maw to snap shut, gripping the foe tightly and crushing slightly. Using the Maw in this way makes it count as a clinch enhancer with the following profile:

Spd +1 Acc +0 Dam +2L Def +3 Rate 1

(Note that these are Power Combat profiles, and do not include the bonus for being constructed from Jade.


Made for the ArtifactRelay, and just generally cool. - Trithne