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About me

I was born in 1987, in Poland. Exalted is the best game ever made, of course. I rarely play it, because I don`t have anybody to play with (most of my friend don`t even know about this great game, or about RPG in general). So I mostly play by the internet.


  1. The Craft ability includes everything what you could do with your own hands (or tools).
  2. Minimum dice damage = characters Essence
  3. Full parry allowed.
  4. If a Lunar has Martial Arts as a favored Ability he can learn Martial Arts Charms as favored, but he can`t make them a part of a Combo with Lunar Charms.
  5. Dawn (Dusk) Anima: Roll Valor for characters who are facing the Solar (Abyssal), those who fail run in terror, those who succeed are at -2 dice to all rolls due to fear. Magical beings always succeed at this roll.


Solar =

Vampir/Hagar - Mask of Winters rogue assassin.


[[[Vampir/Winged]] Arm]] - The tribal shaman of a minor eastern nomadic tribe.


[[[Vampir/Cynis]] Belar Milva]] - Dynastic whorehouse owner.
Vampir/Kitiara - Runaway Sidereal raised in an Yozi worshiping cult.


[[[Vampir/The]] Speaker of Unbearable Truths]] - Happy servant of death.

Working on:

  1. Necromancer (Lunar)
  2. Mermaid (Raksha)
  3. Seducer (Raksha)
  4. War Maker (Raksha)
  5. Cowboy (Dragon-Blooded)
  6. Serial killer (Abyssal)
  7. Alcoholic (Solar)
  8. Demon-Hunter (Sidereal)
  9. Scavenger (Solar)
  10. Immaculate Monk (Sidereal)
  11. Law Enforcer (Alchemical)
  12. Gremlin Hunter (Alchemical)
  13. Medic (Alchemical)
  14. The First Werewolf (Half-Caste)
  15. Ranger (Elemental God-Blooded)
  16. Versatile Artist (Abyssal)
  17. Knight (Illuminated Solar)
  18. Eager Shikari (Immaculate Dragon-Blooded)


[[[Vampir/Loyal]] Staff]] - My first artifact made with the rules from Savant & Sorcerer


Hey there Vampir. Welcome to the Wiki. I suggest that you read BestPractices.