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I became interested in Exalted when I heard about a game of reincarnating magical beings on the Nephilim Discussion List over at Chaosium. After mananging to avoid playing the game for several years (through no fault of my own) I finally started playing recently and was impressed and interested. I find the setting and ideas more interesting than the systems although it certainly is a robust mechanic, for a Storyteller game!

I am mostly keen on Sidereals for their quirky fusion of wu-xia and bureaucratic motifs, although I find the Twilight pretty irresistable thanks to my "mage addiction". -- Trithemius


Artifacts - extremely small prizes for figuring out what might be here...
Charms - I hope you are all getting the idea
Weapon Theory - some thoughts, and maybe some stats and charts on weaponry in Exalted


I am contactable here, just leave some kind of message.