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Blooms of Entwined Lovers</b>
Artifact War Fan

<b>Speed 4, Accuracy +1, Damage +3L, Defence +3, Rate 3 Tags M
Attune 5, Cost ••
Mins Dex •••, MA •••

While the courtesans of mortal courts have to do their best with mundane fans with which to fight or enhance their grace, those of certain spirit courts in the East may possess far superior versions. Used in pairs, Blooms of Entwined Lovers appear as seemingly impossible fans crafted from dozens of petals plucked from rare flowers native to the area and leave a trail of colourful pollen like powder in the air where they're waved. Equally potent both in and out of combat, the magic worked upon the fans have hardened the petals to make them a deadly weapon. And when used by a skilled dancer as a prop, the pollen becomes overcomes those with a weak will to make it's bearer even more alluring. When used in this manner, if the performance roll exceeds the MDV of anyone watching, the viewer percieves the dancer to have an appearance one dot higher than it would be otherwise for the rest of the scene. This occurs after the other effects of the roll have taken place for the purposes of applying appearance MDV modifiers or other such effects.



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