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Ok! I have free time, I'm bored, and I got a crazy idea. You could call it a bastard son of the relays, but I wasn't really thinking about them when this came up.

This is a challege, as the word up there says oh-so-helpfully. Basically, the challenge is to make a character as I tell you to.

How do you do this? Basically, reply in this page and say that you want to take on the challenge. I roll some die and come up with one of the Splats (Solar, Lunar, Abyssal, DB, Sidereal), its appropiate caste, the primary and secondary Attributes, and your character's favored skills, and you think of a character based on that.

You can choose to make an actual character sheet, or just a basic story, personality, and appearance of the character, or whatever in between. But you must make a -character-, not just fill in the dots. When you are done (no time limit) just post a link to said character on this page.

And sorry, you cannot change the character you got. That's the challenge after all!

I'll be taking the challenge myself, and will be trying to do a character based on what I got (Chosen of Endings, Mental-Physical-Social, Abilities: Endurance, Resistance, Melee, Archery). I also shanghied my brother into making one, so we'll see how it turns out (Changing Moon, Social-Physical-Mental, Abilities: Survival, Bureucracy, Linguistics, Melee, Investigation. Should be -FUN-. Nyahaha.).

So then... any takers?

Challenge 2.0

For those that wish to do so (and those that have more than 3 characters already... I'm looking at you, OhJames, you junkie), they can take any of the posted challenges and take them as their own, and see what they can come up with.


Ooh, Ooh.. I have too much free time and am currently bored! ;) .. sounds interesting.. so sure.. I'll have a go. FluffySquirrel

Siddie! Serenity! Social-Mental-Physical! Brawl, Lore, Resistance, Investigation! Get to it! Booya! - Tiffa

Let's do this here, boyeeeeeeee. - DarkheartOne

You! Solar! Zenith! Social-Mental-Physical! Lore, Dodge, Stealth, Bureaucracy, Socialize! Rar! - Tiffa

Me! Me! Ooh ooh! Pick me! -- OhJames

River Walker. Whew. I almost collapsed from tiredness writing that. But I gotta have just one more. I can quit whenever I want. I just don't want to yet. -- OhJames
Just take Challenge 2.0, you junkie ;p - Tiffa

Hit me. -- AntiVehicleRocket

I -like- her! And for the Third Challenge... a Siddie! Journeys! Mental-Social-Physical! MA (weeee), Presence, Athletics, Stealth! There you go... - Tiffa

Fine, fine, let's do this thing. - Will

I hate you and your luck. But anyway, since you basically had a character like the one I rolled (rar), here's another challenge! Solar! Eclipse! Mental-Social-Physical! Stealth, Thrown, Craft, Endurance, Resistance! Pretty sure you don't have one of those... I hope :p - Tiffa

I can take anything you throw at me. - FiatVictrix

Solar! Twilight! Physical-Mental-Social! Performance, Linguistics, Stealth, Archery, Survival! ... you got off easy! >:| - Tiffa

Oooh! I'll bite! - Kraken

Aha! You get... Solar! Zenith! Social-Mental-Physical! Archery, Medicine, Linguistics, Occult, Thrown... I think you got off easy too :p - Tiffa

I shall accept your challenge! - BrilliantRain

Siddie! Journeys! Mental-Physical-Social! Brawl, Archery, Presence, Investigation! - Tiffa

Gimme your best shot. --MF

You get... Dragon Blood! Earth! Social-Mental-Physical! Medicine, Occult, Presence! - Tiffa

Bite me...DeathBySurfeit

*Chomp* Siddie! Journeys! Mental-Social-Physical! Melee, Larceny, Brawl, Awareness! - Tiffa

>Is a glutton for punishment...< Why not. ^^ -Suzume (ps. see comments section below...)

Ok, let's see... Lunar! Changing Moon! Physical-Social-Mental! Survival, Performance, Resistance, Archery, MA! - Tiffa
I think I'll let the exact stats for The Small Figure stay unfinished for now. (I'll get to them eventually...) Hit me with another, please! ^_^ -Suzume
Hmm. Should I? >=O ... yeah, sure. DB! Water! Mental-Physical-Social! Resistance, Thrown, Ride! - Tiffa

Do your worst. - Kalisara

Lunar! No Moon! Physical-Social-Mental! Survival, Sail, Larceny, Lore, Endurance! Well, you -did- ask for it... ;p - Tiffa

I'm about to come upon some free time... Hit me. - szilard

Consider yourself hitted. Lunar! No Moon! Mental-Physical-Social! Survival, Socialize, Brawl, Resistance, Melee. Weeee - Tiffa

Ooh, this looks fun. Send me some randomness! (I just hope you roll something I have the fatsplat for...) -Everyl

Fool! FOOL! You get... DB! Air! Physical-Social-Mental! Sail, Larceny, Brawl! ... Sheesh! 3 abilities from the same caste! Anyway, seriously, if you don't have the fatsplat, I can reroll. Won't make you do a character when you don't know how to :p - Tiffa
That works. DB is not only a fatsplat I own, but also one I brought with me when I left to study abroad! I'll get started immediately. - Everyl

Hit me~! - Scrollreader

... Whoa. I thought this was dead. But if you INSIST! Solar! Twilight! Physical-Mental-Social! Dodge, Larceny, Performance, Archery, Socialize! >=O - Tiffa

Me too. Do your worst. - Falcon

And you! Siddie! Serenity! Mental-Social-Physical! Presence, MA, Bureaucracy, Stealth! - Tiffa

Roll me something silly. - Ketrus

You too! DB! Wood! Mental-Social-Physical! Brawl, Sail, Investigation! ... Looks like an Wood aspect who really wanted to be a Water aspect ;p - Tiffa

Might as well hit me too. - Paladinltd

Thou Hast Been Hitted. DB! Earth! Social-Physical-Mental! Presence, Investigation, Occult! - Tiffa

May I try? I promise not to keep you waiting too long. - CaptainPenguin

You may! Solar! Twilight! Physical-Social-Mental! Thrown, Survival, Stealth, Linguistics, Ride! - Tiffa
Please, ma'am, may I have another? - CaptainPenguin
Sure. Let's see... Lunar! Changing Moon! Physical-Social-Mental! Survival, Stealth, Dodge, Larceny, Medicine! - Tiffa

I'd like to try my hand. Fire away! ~ WaiyaddoNoDan

Booya! Abyssal! Daybreak! Mental-Social-Physical! Stealth, Performance, Thrown, Sail, Socialize! - Tiffa

Well then, give me your worst Tiffa! I feel trying my hand at this. - SpicyMcHaggis

Weeeell, let's see.... Abyssal! Night! Physical-Mental-Social! MA, Linguistics, Occult, Ride, Thrown! I rolled Occult like four times in a row! - Tiffa
An Abyssal Night Caste Tiffa? Come on ;p is that Solar Night or Abyssal Day? - SpicyMcHaggis
Yes! An Abyssal Night Caste! Get to it! >O ... ok, seriously, Day caste. Nyar :p - Tiffa
Finished! The Spirit Hunter Slashing Tempest of Profane Whispers now hit me up a new one, ;p
I likey! Now, lesee... DB! Wood! Physical-Mental-Social! Craft, Sail, Linguistics! - Tiffa

ooooh... Good for getting the brains triggered, let's have a go then. -- Somori

Aaah, all is going according to plan! Solar! Eclipse! Physical-Social-Mental! Larceny, Stealth, Medicine, Melee, Archery! - Tiffa
Please miss, may I have another :) -- Somori

Okay, first character is up (Ahmid Soft-Of-Shadow)- it took a while for inspiration to hit. So let's do it again! Go! - Falcon

Nice! And a new one... hmm... Solar! Dawn! Social-Physical-Mental! Stealth, Presence, Resistance, Larceny, Socialize! ... hell, now -I'm- getting ideas for this one too! - Tiffa

I'll try my luck. - StarHawk

Ok! Lunar! No Moon! Social-Mental-Physical! Survival, Thrown, Melee, Athletics, Endurance! ... Weird :p - Tiffa

Not sure if it's too late to enter, but I'd like to take a crack at it. - Caelene

I'd like to try one, please, as part of my self-inflicted wikinitiation ^ ^ ~ WillCoon

Hit me! -TheMyriadOfShades

I'll take one, I've been on a character binge as of late. - Seiraryu

Hope I'm not oversteping my authority here, but I figure, why don't I provide us with our challenges? Thus:
Caelene: Siderial, Chosen of Secrets, Mental-Physical-Social, Resistance, Survival, Thrown, Martial Arts.
WillCoon: Solar, Twilight Caste, Physical-Social-Mental, Martial Arts, Presence, Stealth, Linguistics, Ride.
TheMyriadOfShades: Dragon-Blood, Water Aspect, Social-Physical-Mental, Stealth, Martial Arts, Performance.
Seiraryu: Dragon-Blood, Wood Aspect, Physical-Social-Mental, Stealth, Thrown, Socialize.
~ WillCoon

Will! Do me! -- OhJames

^ ^
Okay, your task is as follows:
Lunar, Full Moon, Social-Physical-Mental, Dodge, Socialize, Endurance, Linguistics, Survival.
Hmm... interesting... kehehe. Have fun!
~ WillCoon

Me too, me too! Roll for me! Jiba

Certe, certe, dulcissime.
You're doing a Siderial, Chosen of Secrets, Mental-Physical-Social, Endurance, Ride, Thrown, and Resistance.
I really can't put my own off any longer, now that apps are in and the play's almost over... Hm.
Well, have fun!
~ WillCoon

You know what...I'm bored...gimme. - BlackFlame

ph33r m4h charcter-making skillz. hit me. - Han'ya


List's getting kinda big, isn't it? Erasing old comments and putting up the characters posted here.


The Bedlamite Treading a Razor's Edge -- Abyssal! Daybreak! Social-Physical-Mental! Archery, Presence, Larceny, Sail, Bureaucracy!

Deepest Fall of Innocence -- Abyssal! Moonshadow! Mental-Social-Physical! Occult, Archery, Brawl, Stealth, Resistance!

River Walker -- Lunar! Full Moon! Social-Physical-Mental! Survival, Sail, Brawl, Presence, Endurance!


Ragara Calel Magnus -- Dragon Blood! Earth! Physical-Mental-Social! Dodge-Archery-Medicine!

The Scavenger of Splintered Wormwood -- Abyssal! Daybreak! Physical-Social-Mental! Martial Arts, Resistance, Athletics, Stealth, Bureaucracy!


Cale Trakart -- Siddie! Endings! Social-Physical-Mental! Endurance-Performance-Archery-Socialize!


Burns the Sun -- DB! Fire! Mental-Social-Physical! Craft, Ride, Thrown!

Darkness Beneath Stormclouds -- Abyssal! Midnight! Mental-Social-Physical! Melee, Investigation, Stealth, Occult, Sail!

Maros -- Siddie! Battles! Physical-Social-Mental! Endurance, Occult, Ride, Socialize!

Coming Soon... self-inflicted challenge #1: Dragon-Blood! Water! Physical-Mental-Social! Awareness-Melee-Stealth! Almost too easy... I'll see what I can do with it.


The Small Figure -- Lunar! Changing Moon! Physical-Social-Mental! Survival, Performance, Resistance, Archery, MA!

Just story so far, and not in the PG-13 range, either...


Moon Through The Storm -- Lunar! No Moon! Physical-Social-Mental! Survival, Sail, Larceny, Lore, Endurance! Okay, I can do this.


Ulekh Tailoikh -- Solar! Twilight! Physical-Social-Mental! Thrown, Survival, Stealth, Linguistics, Ride! I dunno' if I really like the results, but whatever.


Ahmid Soft-Of-Shadow -- Siddie! Serenity! Mental-Social-Physical! Presence, MA, Bureaucracy, Stealth!
(Took me long enough. - F)


Slashing Tempest of Profane Whispers - Abyssal! Night, I mean Day! Physical-Mental-Social! MA, Occult, Thrown, Ride, Linguistics!
Tell me if you use him as an NPC anyone!


Soaring Hawk - Solar! Eclipse! Physical-Social-Mental! Larceny, Stealth, Medicine, Melee, Archery! Eventually found time to do this...

= How do I roll the challenges?

Basically, I use a d10, a d6, a d20, and a d100 for them pesky lunars. First, I roll the kind of Exalt (d10, 1-2: Solars, 3-4: Lunars, 5-6: DBs, 7-8: Abyssals, 9-0: Sidereals). Then, I roll caste (d10 for Solars, Abyssals, Sidereals, and DBs. D6 for Lunars). After that, Attributes (d6), and finally abilities (d20, skip Caste abilities antirely. d100/4, rounding up, for Lunars + Survival). If you get the same number(s), just reroll.

That's basically it. Pretty simple, so you can probably get weirder or more demanding challenges by adding more parameters.



At some point, how about upping the difficulty level? We could do Challenge! 2.0, where the challenge includes not just species, but also things like location, with an option to include allegiances? Sort of: Solar! Dawn! Eastern! Allied with Mask of Winters! Social-Physical-Mental! Athletics, Occult, Presence, Ride, Socialize! or: Sidereal! Serenity! Northern! Independant! Athletics, Lore, Martial Arts!
-- Seraph

  1. That would require establishing a random-roll table for locations (not that hard) and allegiances (much harder). Obviously, then, it depends whether Tiffa wants to do that.
  2. Sign your posts!
    1. Well, I'm thinking about posting up the really easy method I use to roll up these challenges. However, for Challenge 2.0, I'm thinking of letting people pick one of the challenges for other people they like and roll up a character themselves. - Tiffa
      1. My body and soul has been given up to kotor2 .. so expect mine in about a week or so :) FluffySquirrel

Any chance you might concider adding the Fair Folk splat to the selection? (>Has been spending the bulk of her available game-thought time recently on said splat, and so would like to see more charas...<) -Suzume

It's not likely, because I don't own Fair Folk, so I can't very well random generate one :p - Tiffa
Heh. Even owning Fair folk I'd be taxed to set it up. I'll put some thought into it, if you don't mind the intrusion - we want to use standard dice, right? 'cos I mean with all the available dice-bots that provides a second option, but if we're sticking to the basics that's a different kettle of fish. ~ BerserkSeraph
Which invokes the image of some glamour-wrought automaton powered by little gossamer carp, designed for the express purpose of running the craps table at the casino run by the freehold's foremost entertainer, whose cup forms the freehold's Glory... But I digress. However it works, or even if it doesn't. And Tiffa needs to have this blessing inflicted upon her. Or was it "...this Curse endowed on her..."... Oh well. ^^ -Suzume
Hrm. I'd suggest 1d4 for character type (1-2: Heroic Commoner, 3-4: Noble), 1d6 for attributes (1: Phys/Soc/Ment. 2: Phys/Ment/Soc, 3: Soc/Phys/Ment, 4: Soc/Ment/Phys, 5: Ment/Phys/Soc, 6: Ment/Soc/Phys.). Then, 1d4 for Major Grace (Twice for nobles. 1 = Cup, 2 = Ring, 3 = Staff, 4 = Sword.) Commoners roll 1d20 for Favored ability, while nobles roll 1d10 for Caste and then 1d20 for Favoreds - (this system won't let you 'double up' on caste/favored).
For our trial run... Noble! Social - Mental - Physical! Staff and Cup! Caste: Ride, Thrown, Performance, Investigation, Linguistics. Favored: Socialize, Lore, Athletics. Anyone care to try it, or should I try my luck? ~ BerserkSeraph
See, as I don't -have- Fair Folk, I very well cannot tell you if that's ok or not. While I play to get my hands on the book in the future, this doesn't change that I don't have it at the moment. You can certainly randomly geneate a character of your own, of course, but it's not part of the Challenge I'm giving out ;p - Tiffa
But of course! I will merely go open the doors to the BerserkSeraph/RakshaChallenge, then? I'll be borrowing your formatting, I hope you don't mind. The world could always use a few more Fair Folk. ~ BerserkSeraph Fled with formatting!

Okay... anyone want to make this more interesting? I have this idea for a competitive version of the Challenge. It's only just percolating, but this is how I see it: Two, or more even, people are given the same basics to work with, they return with their characters and a jury of their peers votes on which they like best. The winning character receives the Scarlet Throne. The losing characters are forced to commit suicide in various ingenious and painful ways. I don't know. I'll try and write up some more concrete rules if there's any interest. -- OhJames

That would be fun. - Kalisara
Well, I made it. Mega Challenge. Come on! Join up.

For this challenge are we required to create beginning characters? It wasn't specified, but the other challenge characters I've looked at seem to be beginning ones.

I'm tempted to say "yes", or at least show the starting build. Heck, I'm not picky :p - Tiffa

Was I supposed to put my character there? -- CaptainPenguin

Yep. The character's story looks fine, but you seem to have misplaces several dots: In attributes you only spent 6/5/4, and in abilities you only seem to have spent 24 (didn't count the 4th point in the abilities that had them). Might wanna fix that and stuff :p - Tiffa
Aw, crap! I knew I must've missed something! -- CaptainPenguin
Psst. Attributes are 8/6/4 ;p - Tiffa

This is a neat Idea you have set up Tiffa I think I might try this with my bored players. - StarHawk

Thanks! - Tiffa