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This is CaptainPenguin's page! Enjoy, I guess, 'cuz there's nothing here yet.

A bit about me- been playing Exalted for about a year now, and it is my favorite game in the history of games. Haven't produced many charms or things of my own, but places and people I can supply by the dozen, once I figure out how. :) So... Uh... Yeah.

Favorite Exalted: Well, I think that GoldenCat said it best when he wrote:

"Solars, the shiny heroes. I love them, and the heroism and coolness you can be with them, to death. Finally, a force of light in a game that isn't candyland. Dragon-Blooded, the nobility, the elementals. How can you not love being all elemental, burning, hard as rock, like the water, jumping to the air...? Lunars, the shapeshifters. I HATE their book, but love their idea and concept. We need our changers! Abyssals, the dark coolness! Unleash darkness and void, cover yourself in blood, and celebrate! And Sidereals... Fate ninjas, mystery men, hollywood spies from heaven."

And... sigh... (sounds irritated and burdened) I want to have GCG's baby.


CaptainPenguin/TheLordofWormsMostTerribleInIchor - Deathlord (Pretty much finished, 'cept for polishing and adding details)

CaptainPenguin/TheThousandAscendingSorrowsOfInfinity - Deathlord. (Really, really unfinished; please pardon my dust.)

CaptainPenguin/TheCactari - A race of cactus-men. (Somewhat unfinished.)

  • TheSevenUnspeakableRonin - Abyssal crew of adversaries (In progress- chugging along with it, 'cuz its my favorite project.)

CaptainPenguin/UlekhTailoikh- The famous Flying Man of Yarezh. A Tiffa/Challenge.

CaptainPenguin/Kumiho - Legendary fox-totem Lunar. Tiffa/Challenge.


CaptainPenguin/TheHyongTowns - A small Eastern kingdom

Odds and Ends

CaptainPenguin/DragonKingsAllOverAgain- A remake of the Dragon Kings. Does anybody else think the Dragon Kings in "Ruins of Rathess" were just not what you were looking for?


Yo Captain, how did that plan I gave you on the White Wolf forums work out? --Qzujak49

 Worked excellently, Qzujak! Thank you so much for your help, by the way. :)
   Cool. --Qzujak49

Note to self: Create a Solar (preliminary name: Terashi, as in Sun Kami), probably a warrior. Or perhaps a rock-star who rocks so hard that he changes the very fabric of time-space itself. Also- Exalted Star Wars- Exalted: the Jedi (Jedi = Solars, Sith = Abyssals or Dragon-Blooded?) -CaptainPenguin

Welcome to the Wiki. Could you please read BestPractices? Your pages seem to disregard a lot of the things outlined therein.
~ Shataina

Well, I read the BestPractices, but I still don't understand what I'm doing wrong, except maybe that my links aren't named for me- how do I change that? -CaptainPenguin

AAAAAAAAGH! How do I do this?! Somebody help me here- I don't understand how to format my links so that they don't suck! I can't find the pages... Sooooo confused. -CaptainPenguin

I have to agree. This is all a little confusing, and BestPractices doesn't give a very detailed explaination of what to do. I know its annoying but would it be at all possible to have someone explain it exactly? - Paladinltd
I'll put more explanation on BestPractices. In the meantime, my major issue was just that your name wasn't on any of your pages.
~ Shataina

Instead of TheSevenUnspeakableRonin, it'sCaptainPenguin/TheSevenUnspeakableRonin. (I think) -Qzujak49

Oh... So, then, should I just transfer the stuff over out of the old ones into the new ones (the ones with slashes)? And if so, how do I get rid of the old ones? -CaptainPenguin

You should go ahead and transfer the stuff. I'm not sure if anyone but xiphoid can delete the old pages completely. I have to go move some stuff myself. -Qzujak49
It's not a superduper big deal, but it is nice to have your name in the pages' wikinames. So, transfer if you have the time; also, definitely make sure to put an author byline on all your pages. If you're transferring, keep in mind that you can add redirect on your old pagenames if it's more convenient for you. I think Xyphoid is still working on an easy page-deleting option; I'm not aware of one that works.
~ Shataina

I attempted to move the Seven Unspeakable Ronin to a /-style page, but it didn't really work very well, so I'll fiddle with it. But in any case, I think I have it handled. Thanks! -CaptainPenguin

Just dropping by with some wiki info to help format. I have no idea if this is on BestPractices or not, so I might be telling you what you already know, but here we go...
Wiki pages look like they work like computer directories. They sort of do, but sort of don't. Think of them as directories that only go one layer down. Example, CaptainPenguin is a top-level page. CaptainPenguin/TheSevenUnspeakableRonin is a second-level page, and you can get to it using the linkCaptainPenguin/TheSevenUnspeakableRonin from the page CaptainPenguin. You've got that sussed so far, I can tell.
Now, you want a page for The Blade on your Ronin page, so you put the slash-linkCaptainPenguin/TheBlade on it. If the wiki was a computer, the page would be at CaptainPenguin/TheSevenUnspeakableRonin/TheBlade, but it isn't. The new page will be at CaptainPenguin/TheBlade"". Why? Um... I have no idea. Basically, slash-links in top-level pages move you down to second-level pages, but slash-links on second-level pages just switch you around on second-level pages within the same top-level page.
For more stuff like this, check out TextFormattingRules, which isn't linked to nearly enough. - Falcon
Yeah, it's on BestPractices, down at the bottom. Also more at SlashLinksAreNotPaths, but you've summed it up pretty concisely.
~ Shataina