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Active in Exalted for the first time in a long time, so I suppose I should clean this page up..! Getting rid of the old stuff I no longer like, I will eventually be putting up new and improved errors in judgement.


  • Ketrus/SolarAthletics2E : Monkey Leap vs. Lightning Speed
  • Discussions/TwilightAnima2E : I'm keeping it standard for now, and may houserule it if the Twilight ends up any more invincible than Iron Soul.
  • Heroic mortals get full benefits from stunts. Seriously, taking that away is just MEAN.
  • Training Times are abstracted and reduced to 'between stories.'
  • Some training times can be eliminated with a suitably dramatic +3 stunt. Don't abuse this.
  • Each constructive criticism provided by a player will earn a point of style that can be used to enhance a stunt by one rating. +1->+2, +2->+3. 'Artificial' +3 stunts do not qualify for XP gain or cheating training times.



Fun Stuff



2nd Edition

  • Ketrus/Template : What I'll use to make them!
  • Ketrus/ShimmeringClaw : A young Zenith committed to learning the ways of proper instruction so that she might inspire courage and impart amazing martial arts abilities to every mortal in Creation!

1st Edition

Coments? About WHAT? My indexing skills?

You're insane. --RakshaBoy, who has no right to even say this. :D

Thanks! --Ketrus

You're a genius - Han'ya, who knows what he's talking about.

Hey Ketrus. I'm working on the UserFriendlyCategories project, trying to get rid of Orphans. A couple dozen orphans are related to pages for your campaign. It would help greatly if you could create a page specifically for the campaign (e.g. Ketrus/Campaign), move the links to the campaign pages there, then add a link to that page on the Campaigns page. Thanks. - Wordman

Not to piss on anyone's cheerios or anything, but I frankly don't care that much. To put it more politely, I only collected things here for the sake of my players during the campaign's first couple of weeks so that everyone would know what's up. We haven't updated session logs in months, and I don't see how anything we did post would be useful to anyone else. All of this is submitted publicly, and I won't whine if someone else wants to change the format or delete the page altogether. I am equally unconcerned with doing it myself. - Ketrus
Hooray. - Wordman