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Will - The Destroyer

So here's my page. I'm new to the whole Wiki thing, but apparently, I will be writing stuff here (or elsewhere), and you will be able to read and admire it.
Likely, I'll have a bunch of my Ideas and Opinions, which are something of a misnomer, as they are, in fact, incontrovertable Truths. When I feel I'm up to it, I'll start on more concrete stuff.

About me: this may come as a surprise, but I think Exalted is the greatest thing. I was introduced to role-playing games with Dungeons and Dragons, third edition, but never realized that what I was trying to play was Exalted. My group's favorite character was a melee bard of mine who spent all his spell slots on creating special effects to make himself look cool - things like conjuring up a breeze to sweep back his hair and cape as he prepared to fight off a pack of wolves. Needless to say, when I found Exalted, I realized that this was the game for me. Furthermore, I and my comrades have drawn a number of peculiar comparisons between Exalted and the way I live my life, such as my unshakable certainty's way of exerting force on the world around me, and the fact that I am an unkillable god-slayer.

Comments and Adulation

Just thought I'd add a link here toWillCoon/UnspeakableMonsterStyle as it seems odd to not link to a 'sub-page' from the main page, and I don't know if anyone else would even know about the cool ideas inherent within that Style. :) - nikink