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The Page I Still Haven't Done Much With...

Just a little here, as of yet...


Currently nothing...

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes
    1. My Su!!
    2. Infernals, Abyssals, Fae, and other things with which to give my players (and their characters too, I suppose) the most horrific of nightmares I can. Anything for good customer service! ^_^
    3. Anime. Lots of Anime...
    4. Really funny Filk (Zander Nyrond's "Necronomicon" comes to mind. ^_^ Heh! Or just about anything by Bob Kanefsky.)
    5. When people misspell things in an amusing manner. (i.e. an obviously misspelled Abyssal Charm called "Furry of Death" in the description of another charm...)
    6. Other stuff, I guess.
  • Dislikes
    1. People who use words while ignoring their historical context.
    2. People who can't roleplay, but who think they can, and who don't believe you when you point out that they couldn't act their way out of a bag. (MUST... BREATHE...) ^^#
    3. Bad Profs. (Make up your mind: Is it a philosophy class, or a literature class, or is it in fact both, and can you TEACH both...)

People and Places

My favorite people here so far!

For nasty, nasty bad-guys...

For pretty pictures...

Things I'm Doing...

  • My character index! Funness! ^_^
  • I've got Charms!
  • I did a Hearthstone, too!
  • I have lots of opinions about various abilities and their proper interpretation/use. Nothing up yet...
  • In that vein, I want to do a house-rules page too.
  • I put up an Artifacts Index Page.
  • Asking now for help to come up with interesting concepts for NPC's for my players to suffer from. ^_^
  • If you couldn't tell from the people I mentioned above, I'm really interested in Infernals right now. Eventually, I'll put something up here: SuzumeInfernal (Most of my players would say that I don't need a separate page for that sort of thing, assuming I could actually get them to come here...)
  • A filk page.
  • An Anime page. ^_^

Feedback - For them what wants to...

28-June-2005 Moved old commentary to the archive page in a spring (summer) cleaning type move. Also, updated announcements to their proper state (currently, nothing...) On a different note, I'm trying to absorb E:tAuto into my Exalted-paradigm and -schema. I've got this horrible little idea running through my mind of things to do to my players with the book... ^_^-Suzume

I just had to step forth and comment on the brilliance of your names on the, well, Names page. Excellently done! -Erechel, whose parents are currently wondering what on earth caused her to laugh her head off *this* time.