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I like Exalted and Changeling. I'm doing some stuff with Grandmasta on PleasureDomeOrBust, the biggest, console-est Creation-rocking Exalted chronicle ever.
Unless I'm lying or stupid.
...well, apparently I'm lying and / or stupid, because PleasureDomeOrBust is unlikely to ever happen. Of course, merely by saying that, I'll probably be coerced into running it sometime. We shall see.

I post as Aida on RPG.net, so you may have seen me there.

Current Games

Running: YOU ZHAO! Four sleepless (and thankless!) Sidereals grapple with the legacy of the Solar Exalted at the dawn of the Second Age!
Playing: Sekhu , in Grandmasta's Solar game. Or is it our Solar game? Can never keep track...

Useful Stuff

WaiyaddoNoDan/YouZhao - My Sidereals game, currently four years after the Dragon-Blooded Usurpation. Includes PC and NPC dossiers, session writeups, IC reports, and OOC stories. Now with character sheets!
Once I get around to making prettier versions and hosting them somewhere, there will be character pictures as well. Rock out!

Charms, kung fu, etc.

To do: MartialArts/EffulgentLubricationOfSinewsStyle - Sidereal MA inspired by a comment four willows weeping made about martial artists being like oiled underwear models.
Fist of Mars (or some much cooler name) - a monstrously powerful warstrider traditionally worn into battle by the ranking Exalt in the Crimson Panoply of Victory.

Characters NOT for my Sidereals game

The Sublime Chorister Before the Altar of Extinction - Daybreak Abyssal - Despises blades and battle. When he must kill, he need only raise his voice.
Sekhu Siaka-Tamer - Zenith Solar - Brawling prophet, always more effective with a drink in his belly.
Lonely Camel - A mortal mercenary in the South; once just a guard-for-hire, he is now caught up in the Time of Tumult.
Dying Star, Keeper of Wonders Past and Present - Traveler, thief, museum curator, lord of the Wyld. For BerserkSeraph's Raksha Challenge .