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Here's the deal - this is an offshoot, much like a tumor, of Tiffa's Challenge - this one dealing solely in raksha and, once I figure out the best way to organize it, 'other stuff' maybe. The standard stuff at Tiffa's Challenge stands - you post your desire to get a set, I roll it up, and you do what feels best.

The rolls work in the following sequence -

  • 1d4 for character type (1-2: Heroic Commoner, 3-4: Noble)
  • 1d6 for attributes (1: Phys/Soc/Ment. 2: Phys/Ment/Soc, 3: Soc/Phys/Ment, 4: Soc/Ment/Phys, 5: Ment/Phys/Soc, 6: Ment/Soc/Phys.).
  • 1d4 for Major Grace (Twice for nobles. 1 = Cup, 2 = Ring, 3 = Staff, 4 = Sword.)
  • Commoners roll 1d20 for Favored ability
  • Nobles roll 1d10 for Caste and then 1d20 for Favoreds - (this system won't let you 'double up' on caste/favored).

All else is up to discretion - I'd love to see some new custom artifact-shwag for the raksha to use, myself. That'd be both entertaining as we get neat characters to use as NPC fodder, AND constructive as we get new shwag to attach to our own raksha.


Oh, how it is on. Do your worst -- OhJames

My wildly fluctuating luck comes to the fore with 2/1/1/20, for a Heroic Entertainer! Physical - Social - Mental! Favored: Survival! ~ BerserkSeraph
Three Bloodless Shadows. I am win! Furthermore, I desire yet another challenge. -- OhJames
You are insatiable. Classy Entertainer, though I am saddened by her lack of custom swag. You will make a Noble! Sword and Staff! Social - Mental - Physical! Favored: Thrown! Melee! Awareness! Caste: Linguistics! Ride! Socialize! Archery! Athletics!
The Dead Flag. Ooookay. This time, he's got swa-ag. Again! Again again! -- OhJames

Hit me! Hit me! ^_^ -Suzume

Wheee! Noble! Ring and Sword! Social - Physical - Mental! Favored: Socialize! Larceny! Ride! Caste: Brawl! Archery! Endurance! Lore! Craft! ~ BerserkSeraph

Hit me. No, not with the iron! -LeSquide

Should have said that first part first. Noble! Sword and Cup! Mental - Social - Physical! Favored: Martial Arts! Awareness! Brawl! Caste: Larceny! Performance! Medicine! Stealth! Melee! It occurs to me that he'll have a lot of combat abilities but, you know, suck at the physical stats. This is what I consider 'hilarity'. ~ BerserkSeraph

Me too - HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness

Heroic Commoner (Diplomat)! - Physical - Social - Mental! - Favored: Investigation! ~ BerserkSeraph

Why settle for just one chargen challenge? Inflict soul-shattering horror on me! ~ WaiyaddoNoDan looks sheepish.

Noble! Ring and Cup! Physical-Mental-Social! - Favored: Thrown, Socialize, Awareness Caste: Bureaucracy, Medicine, Performance, Stealth, Martial Arts! ~ BerserkSeraph signed
And we have Dying Star , Keeper of Wonders Past and Present, Curator of the Museum of Timeless Beauty. And a Worker without Craft is a sad, sad thing. :-) ~ WaiyaddoNoDan remembered this time.

Totally in it to win it. Schyeeeeeeeeeeah. -DarkheartOne

Noble (Sword and Ring), Mental - Physical - Social, Favored: Craft, Dodge, Larceny Caste: Brawl, Bureaucracy, Endurance, Melee, Presence ~ BerserkSeraph

Hit me with your best shot! - Caelene



Somewhere in here I'll work up a second string of parameters to add more detail or restrictions - such as 'does the character have all of his/her graces?', 'are they laboring under an oath or incumbrance?', etc.