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Hey folks, just bulking this up a bit so's to look a touch less haphazard. Forgive my errors in linking as I sort out the Wiki's functions and so forth. Soo.... I'm Seraph, I've had the handle for ages now and feel little impetus to change it, so I use it in quite a few locations. I'm a big anime and wuxia junky (Less wuxia, mind) and I'm just getting back into the hang of Exalted. Hopefully my learning curve will be in my favor for this - I either pick stuff up rapidly or never...

Things that have inspired me, Exalted-Wise (At least the stuff that immediately came to mind)

Melody of Oblivion, anime: Suzume recommended this on the FF page, so I checked it out. Great resource for raksha stuff. The Aibamachines could potentially be First Age artifacts or Lunars (Assuming a Meros warrior's a Solar archer, the parallel's easy enough)
Shadow Skill (TV), anime: Okay, it's not THAT good. But it's got powered MA battles and cardinal directions. An interesting parallel: Think of Julianess as the Realm, whose prosperity and access to strong Souma (Read: Essence)essentially makes it a paradise. The monarch soon has to call in a favor from an ancient being being she's made a deal with, and answer to an ancient pack from beyond reality...sounding familiar?
Once Upon a Time in China, movies: There's like four of them. I've seen the first three and it's a good suggestion of the amount of respect and ability an Essence-using martial artist can swing. It's good inspiration for MA charms as well.
Terry Pratchett's Discworld books: mostly for the raksha again. Lords and Ladies and Wee Free Men, specifically. Wee Free Men includes the finest explanation of a raksha body ever: "That's not you," said Tiffany, with absolute certainty. "That's just your dream of you."

First Edition Charms and Projects
Dragon-Blooded Athletics Charm for turning around real fast.
Lunar Defense Charms for standing there and winning.
Harlot and Virgin Style for hookers
Scorpion Style for using the word 'miasma'
Lords and Ladies for observations on the Raksha
The Way Grace for the Way Grace fully defined
Ability Lunars for Lunars that are ability-based
BerserkSeraph/FiveFangs for a Lunar NPC from the above.

Second Edition Charms and Projects
Arcadian Exalts the stewards of Creation, the Exalts of the Seasons
BerserkSeraph/BackattheHallofJustice a rambling series of thoughts on introducing new supernatural beings to Creation