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Telgar's Necromancy

Shadowlands Circle

Labyrinth Circle

Void Circle

Avatar of the Hungry Soul
Cost: Special

Considered detestable and blasphemous by many, the process of shattering one's own Lower Soul is a powerful tool for a brave (or foolish) necromancer. By invoking the dark Essence of the Abyss a necromancer draws forth a portion of his Lower Soul, breaking it free from his body and implanting it into a formerly living body he has prepared to recieve the fragment.

After the soul-fragment is implanted into the corpse, the corpse will animate and rise to do it's master's bidding. This creature is no ordinary zombie or Nemessary; it is an extension of the necromancer's soul. The Hungry Avatar will not decompose or rot while animate and is not bound to the Underworld. It is immune to effects that target ghosts or zombies, though not those which effect creatures of darkness.

The Hungry Avatar has access to all its parent's Charms and can freely use the parent's Essence and Willpower points. In effect, it is a second body that the parent can control at will like a puppet. The parent can use its senses and body as if they were his own, no matter the distance seperating them. When acting through his Hungry Avatar, the necromancer makes all rolls using his own Abilities and Attributes. To maintain the connection to his Avatar, the necromancer must commit a point of Permanent Essence.

Normally damage done to an Avatar has no ill-effect on the necromancer controlling it, but the death of the Avatar can be devestating. If the Hungry Avatar is in danger of being destroyed, the necromancer is aware and may attempt to pull his soul from the body and back into himself. This requires a reflexive Essence roll at difficulty 3. A successful roll means the soul has been recalled without harm and the necromancer regains his committed Essence. A failure means that the soul was caught in the body and destroyed; the necromancer has lost the Essence point and must buy it back. A botch indicates that not only was the soul destroyed, it's destruction damaged the necromancer's remaining soul. His Essence Cap is forever reduced by 1 and he must repurchase his lost Essence at double cost.

The statistics of a Hungry Avatar vary depending on the body used to create it, to be worked out with the Storyteller. But a good guideline are the Hungry Ghosts of Exalted rules in Exalted: the Abyssals. Hungry Avatars have an Essence equal to half their creator's, minus any Committed Essence Points.

A necromancer can create as many Hungry Avatars as he has dots of Essence. If he is reduced to Essence 0 through destruction of soul-fragments, he will suffer instant and unavoidable death. The penalty for having committed a point of Essence is that the character's pools are calculated as if that dot did not exist and he is denied access to all powers and effects that rely on his possession of that level of Essence. Any rolls made using Essence, including the fragment recovery roll, are rolled with only uncommitted Essence points.