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First, a bit about me.

I bought the core book within a week of its release in my area. It sat on my shelf for a good, solid year while I played my more familiar settings. When I moved to a new area, specifically without cable or internet, I sat down with the book and read it. After that, I was hooked.

I've written a few things over the years, most of which were destroyed when the hard drive on my external drive crashed. Sad day that, but it now gives me the opportunaty to rewrite what was worth keeping and hopefully make it all work better.

Mostly I'm focused on my own seperate setting using standard Exalted systems. Don't get me wrong, I do love the core setting, but it is more personally satisfying to have a game setting the players know nothing about... Especially after five or so years in the core setting. More on that to come.

Personal favorite splat has to be those whacky Alchemicals. Giant cyborgs made by what can only be Unicron's handicapped brother, all bent on stealing Creation's Energon? That just brings back the 80s so much.