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= Blig001's userpage =

that would be me... but it lacks a hat.

== Intro ==

I made this page to share the stuff i make with others, and to get your opinion on it.

== My Group ==

Me: do I need any explaining? 14 years old, 6ft, 1. about. brilliant at everything. (apart from the things im not good at). Been playing Exalted for about 2 years now.

Thealf: Hes been playin for 1 year and hes already better than me(however much I hate to admit it)(only in some ways). The sneaky so and so seems to be a natural. Mabe he has the Jack of all trades merit.

Mate no.1: he is heavily dislexic, so im not gonna call him an idiot. If he bothered to read the rules he would be a brilliant player. Great guy tho, hilarious.

Mate no.2: He is your typical teenager, at first sight. chin length hair, mp3, etc. but he is always on a natural sugar high, and comes up with great, if not ...original character concepts.(eg. a chef)

Mate no.4: the one who showed me this brilliant game. also dislexic, but a brilliant stunt creator. He is not in my centeral group tho... its like there are two groups, one with the first 5 people, and then the second group with all these people in it.

Shining Paladin : He is a great player. probably been playing for ages. He is the one we use in all our jokes(by that I mean: its impossible to kill a primordial, unless your him).

== Stories/ Campaigns ==

I was in a story which we dubbed the Mortal Campaign

== Artifacts ==


== characters ==

I have a mad obsession with Trench Coats, which most of my characters seem to share with me. (A Trench Coat is a matrix type coat, like the one above)

Random Character Concepts

Damien Kander

Crimson Darkness

The Village Shaman

== Random MA styles ... == 

Ankylosaurus style

A style made for the dawns out there who still have a shield and like to hit stuff with it. Not advisable if you like low mob. penalties

Merciless Angel Of The Sun style

A style made for the anti creatures of darkness zeniths out there. Related to the new race I am currently constructing.

== Alchemicals ==

I was trying to run a campaign earlier, which barley got anywhere, which had the locust crusade as its main focus. One thing that i did notice was that alchemicals are meant to be technologically superior, yet their armies are so very weak, so here is some stuff i came up with to balance it out. Blig001/AlchemicalArmy

== Alternate settings ==

Here are two alternate settings i came up with for a game.

A Dead Creation: this setting is after the sucsess of the locust crusade, and creation has become a wasteland. A Dead Creation

Gang Wars: This is a more street gang oriented creation, the guild does not exist, but there are at least 2-3 streetgangs in every town, and 7-8 in every city. Gangwars

== The chosen of the Archangels ==

I'm going to assume that white wolf hasn't published anthing about angels yet, so i will voulenteer my own ideas. Here is the Home Page : The Chosen of the Archangels

===== Quick Questions =====

This is my quick Questions box. whenever the posted question is answered, it will be put in Previous Quick Questions. By the way, this is for anyone to use, even me!! I will try and answer your questions as best I can.

=== questions ===


Hello Blig, welcome to the Wiki. Please check the Formatting Standards around here and organize as usual. for example, your MA styles should go under MartialArts/StyleName and your characters as subpages of your UserPage. Thanks! - Telgar

Wow, someone actually visited my page before i put it up on the userpages lookup. thanks. I think i have reformatted it. Thnk you again. By the way, this page should go on the pages with content in the userpages lookup right? sorry, i forgot to add my name- Blig001]

Yes, you have content. And I saw your edits on the RecentChanges page, which is the best way to keep track of whats going on around here. Your MA styles still need to be MartialArts/StyleName. For example: MartialArts/MercilessAngelOfTheSunStyle. Then place it on the CMA (I guess it's Celestial) page. You can do a Redirect, sending anyone going to the old page to the new, by replacing all text on the HTML with #REDIRECT NewPage - Telgar.

Thank you mate, as you can probably guess(or see on recent changes) im new to Exalted wiki. I think i need smeone like you to show me around the site. thanks : ). Blig001

I am using a mac, which dosnt seem to have a (little naughts and crosses board) symbol, are there any other ways of redirecting a page?


I'm on a mac and I've never seen one without a #. It's shift-3 on almost every keyboard. - Telgar

Are you using the mac keyboard that came with the mac, because on every mac keyboard iv seen, its been a £ sign for shift-3. Mabe thats because im in England... Blig001

AHA!!! Its alt-3, just to all those English Mac users looking at this.


OK, I hope I have fixed it, Finally.