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Peoples of Creation

This is a listing of various tribes, societies, nationalities and even races of humans that live in Creation. The Djala would be one example, the Dune People another. Even the winged folk of the First Age would go here. Organizations should go under Organizations. These are less formal groupings of humans then those.

Creation Wide =

Dragonoth - by Heru

The Dragonoth are a Solar and Lunar created Relic Race created back in the First Age. They have the special quality of being able to shapeshift into a single alternate form, that of huge winged dragon. They are considered human and thus can exalt as one of the Celestial and Terrestrial Exalted. They are located all over Creation, though always in small numbers. This is located in Heru/DragonothRelicRace.

The Blessed Isle

Stoneborn - by Telgar

Living too near one of the Elemental Poles, even that of Earth, touches mortals in strange ways. The raw Essence of the Pole affects their bodies, making them take on physical qualities of that Element. The Stoneborn are humans born on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain. Most commonly the twisting of Earth Essence manifests as a significant increase in height and strength. Stoneborn are powerfully muscular though not all of them are fit and trim. Stoneborn most often have blond or grey hair if they are not naturally bald.
Aside from their stature, Stoneborn are quite stubborn and strong-minded, often having high Temperance and Willpower scores. Dragon-Blooded families often include Stoneborn simply because they hope to incorporate the strength and stamina of their blood into their children. Stoneborn blood has the additional property of influencing any Terrestrial children towards being Earth Aspected.

The North

The East

Sijanese - by Jiba

The people living in Sijan are a quite unusual folk. The necrotic energies of the huge shadowland they live in and contact with ghosts and the Underworld makes them appear strange and almost eerie to other people of Creation. The Sijanese have pale skin and are of slender build but they lack the unhealthy looks of the inhabitants of other shadowlands.
Most Sijanese women have small breasts, while men seldom grow much muscles. Most of them have black, gray or brown hair, which is thin and reminds one of spider’s webs, and dark, amygdaline eyes. The Sijanese are a quiet and temperate folk, but far from beeing cheerless, as one would suggest due to the depressing environment, in which they make their home. Indeed, the Sijanese have a strong tradition of feasting, but they know when they have to resign to not annoy the sleeping dead.

BogMod/ThreeOwlTribe An eastern plains tribe.

The South

The West



Asuras - by Telgar

Parents warn their children that if they are bad, they will be taken away to Malfeas by demons. Sorcerers warn their apprentices to be careful what bargains they make with demons lest they suffer the same fate. And occasionally a rogue demon enters Creation simply to drag innocents back screaming to Hell. Few know what happens to the unfortunate folk who are abducted by demons and taken away to Malfeas. Surely, many of them are devoured or killed but not all. The Asuras are descendents of humans taken to Malfeas for various reasons and enslaved by higher demons. Sometimes they are sent back to Creation to sow the seeds of infernal cults or act as agents of their masters. Rarely, Asuras are known to Exalt. Exalted Asuras are some of the most devoted and deadly Infernalists in existance.
Twisted by centuries of torture, infernal magic and demonic interbreeding the Asuras are distinct but not inhuman. Their eyes are red or and their hair most generally comes in shades of copper or sickly green. Tall and lean to the point of emaciation, Asuras often modify their bodies with drastic tattooing, piercing and ritual scarification. Asuras sometimes bear the marks of demonic blood, though many of them are not fully Demon-Blooded. They may simply possess the blood-red hair of a Blood Ape or the flawless, unearthly beauty of a Neomah. Others might have nails and teeth the rainbowed copper of a Stomach Bottle Bug's carapace.
Depending on which demon or demons they serve, Asuras can vary greatly in practices but many of their masters are vastly twisted beings and thus twist their servants. Most Asuras are insane.

The Underworld


Are Apheliotropes/ Shrouded Ones (Creatures of the Wyld: bonus material) people by this definition? Though I don’t know the full extend of their lineage. Only that it involves demons and a First Aged Solar Exalted.Enchantress

I think so. I'd say any creatures that have some kind of culture and intelligence count as a "people". Otherwise they're just animals or Automatons. - nikink