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The Guild is not the only organization to span Creation and battle, or ally with, the heroes of the world. Nor do the Sidereals have a monopoly on factions and groupings. There are innumerable organizations, cults, gatherings and hordes within the world of Creation. This is the place to detail cults, factions, secret orders or brotherhoods.

Creation-Wide Orgaizations

  • The Cult of the Darkness' Unseeing Eye (Canon - E:PG)
  • Cult of the Illuminated (Canon - E:CR, E:tS)
  • The Silver Pact (Canon - E:tL)
  • Society of Assassins (Canon - E:CR)
  • The Just and Truthful Arbiters of Light (Canon- Scroll of the Monk the Imperfect Lotus)

Organizations/WayfarerCongregation (Telgar)

Eastern Organizations

Organizations/ItinerantsOfTheWorldMother (Telgar) Organizations/KeepersOfAutochthon (Telgar) Organizations/TheSewerRatGang (Paladinltd)

  • Forest Witches (Canon - Outcaste)
  • Gens (Canon - Outcaste)
    • Amilar
    • Karal
    • Maheka
    • Teresu
    • Yushoto
  • The Grass Spiders (Canon - E:PG)
  • Mountain Uprooting Brotherhood (Canon - E:tL)
  • Seventh Legion (Canon - E:CR, Outcaste)
  • Sorcerer Assistants of Lookshy (Canon - Outcaste)
  • Thousand Fangs Army (Canon - E:tL)
  • Wood Navy (Canon - SaSe)

Northern Organizations

Organizations/TheCrusadersofMela (Paladinltd)

  • Air Navy (Canon - SaSe)
  • The Marmoreans (Canon - Outcaste)

Organizations/TheDragonLords (Enchantress)

Western Organizations

Organizations/SeafarersOfNibarak (Telgar)

  • The Emmisaries of Perfect Water (Canon - Outcaste)
  • The Lintha Family (Canon - E:CR, B&S)

Southern Organizations

Organizations/BlackVaporCoilsCult (Telgar) Organizations/TheIselsiRebellion (Paladinltd)

  • Blood Fury Tribe (Canon - E:tL)
  • Cult of the Orderly Flame (Canon - HotBG)
  • Fire Navy (Canon - SaSe)
  • The Legion of Saloy Hin (Canon - Outcaste)
  • The Salmalin (Canon - CB:N)
  • Silent Cresent Tribe (Canon - E:tL)

Organizations of the Realm

Organizations/ObsidianHandofManosqueViridian (Paladinltd) Organizations/SilverOrder (Paladinltd)

  • Sorcerous Societies (Canon - E:DB)
    • Mnemon Darik Society
    • The Animists
    • Sorcerers of the Scarlet Throne
    • Rings of Ledaal Catala
    • Initiates of the Fourth Circle
    • The Watchers
  • The Immaculate Order (Canon - E:CR, E:DB)
  • The Thousand Scales (Canon - E:CR, E:DB)
    • The Magistrates
    • The Legions
    • The All Seeing Eye
  • Earth Navy (Canon - SaSe)
  • Cult of the Scarlet Empress (Canon - E:PG)
  • Great Houses (Canon - E:CR, E:DB)
  • Cult of the Great Maker (Canon - E:FF)
  • The Pentagram (Canon - E:DB)
  • The House of Bells (Canon - E:DB)

Underworld Organizations

Organizations/WestwardPilgrims (Paladinltd)

  • Legion Sanguinary (Canon - E:tAb)