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Long time no see folks. I'm back, this time with content!


Improtant Links

  • Blaque/Art - Got-up and got one of these. Slowly, but surely going to upload my crappy sketches and stuff as I do. Enjoy:)
  • Blaque/SecondEdHouseRules - House Rules for Exalted Second Edition.
  • Blaque/SettingChanges - Various changes I've made to the setting folks should keep in mind for my games. Basically my knea-jerk responses to various things I've read through the books.

Characters Blaque/SolarCharacters Blaque/DragonBloodedCharacters Blaque/LunarCharacters Blaque/SiderealCharacters Blaque/AbyssalCharacters Blaque/GodBloodedCharacters

Old and Busted Links

FixTheSolarCharmTrees - Since I thinkt his project is rather cool, I think it's worth linking to. Also sorta self-absorbed note of to what I think should and shouldn't be changed about and stuff.

Cool LInks

  • Deviant Art - Cool artists and gallery hosting site.
  • The Onion - One of the most informative newspapers ont he web:)
  • Something Awful - Humorous game and movie reviews, articles, and Phtoshop Fridays!


just a comment on the Africa-as-backwater thing - both Trinity and Aberrant had good changes to that - Trinity by making Africa a cultural and socio-economic powerhouse, and Aberrant by making 1) the center of the most important organization in Africa, and 2) continuous superhero v. superhero war (for reasons that come up in game) destroying the rest of the country. they're both excellent games, and you may find quite a few themes that carry over to/from exalted (especially in trinity - think of trinity as a realm-focused setting, then compare worlds) - notsoangrydave

Hey Blaque... do you do Art requests? Alabrax

Not usually. Ummm, send me an e-mail at and I can see what I can do. Stuff -- Blaque

2 Emails sent. The first one is the description. Destroy that second one. Hmm and it should have an expiration on it also. Reply in email only please. Alabrax