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Telgar's Artifacts

Artifact being my favorite background, I've created quite a number of the little doodads. Many of these were designed for one character or another, so they aren't very general in use. The majority, however, were created for any character and any game. Since I've always found science-fiction and magical technology from fantasy series to be great inspiritation, don't be surprised if there's a resemblance between these Artifacts and certain knicknaks from books or TV series.

Artifact Count : 146 (Junkyard and Templates not counted)

Individual Artifacts

Special Artifacts

  • Bastions - A new type of Artifact-Manse, purchased with a new background.
  • Sacella - Artifacts that link Manses together, offering power to those who walk the paths they show.
  • Artifact Songs - Songs that have magical effects, treated like Artifacts. (1 song)
  • Wayfaring Chalk - A type of chalk used to create magic travelling circles for quick transporation across long distances.

Artifact Series

Magical Materials

Artifact Creation