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Best Of The Wiki: Martial Arts


This page is to vote for our favourite home-spun Wiki martial arts.

Please choose your five favourites and list them at the bottom of the page, giving them 5 points to your favourite down to 1 point for your 5th favourite. Then adjust the top ten to include your scores.

The aim is to get a list of the most balanced, interesting and useful martial arts here on the WIki without having to look through hundreds of pages.

When voting slows down, I'll make flow-charts diagrams like in the books for them all and put them in a properly laid out PDF for everyone to download and print.

Oh, and to keep things fair, no more than one vote for a martial art you made up yourself.


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The Top Ten

Please update this chart after you vote.

  1. MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping (19 Points)
  2. MartialArts/CrimsonThicketOfBambooStyle - By Quendalon (17 points)
  3. MartialArts/JadeFanStyle - By Mailanka (12 Points)
  4. MartialArts/PersimmonOceanOfJoyStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping (12 points)
  5. MartialArts/CrimsonTempleStyle - By Balthasar (11 Points)
  6. MartialArts/TreadingOnDiamondsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping (10 Points)
  7. MartialArts/BraveDragonStyle - By Ikselam (9 points)
  8. MartialArts/MonkeyStyle2 - By Mapache (9 Points)
  9. MartialArts/DiamondWeaveOfDestinyStyle - By Quendalon (8 points)
  10. MartialArts/FearsomeBarghestStyle By Thinker (7 points)


(for tracking purposes)

  1. CharmRelay/Sorrow aka "Black Mourner Style" - by CharmRelay (7 points)
  2. MartialArts/SpiderStyle2 - By Telgar (6 points)
  3. MartialArts/HouseOfEndingsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping (6 Points)
  4. MartialArts/WolfAndRavenStyles - By Mapache(6 points)
  5. MartialArts/SpiritFoxStyle - By [Madu] (5 points)
  6. MartialArts/AshenCalenderofSetesh - by haren (5 points)
  7. MartialArts/GoldenBarqueoftheHeavensStyle - By Argyle (4 points)
  8. MartialArts/WhiteCraneStyle - By Quendalon (3 Points)
  9. MartialArts/ElderTigerStyle - By thinker (3 Points)
  10. MartialArts/HourglassStyle - By DariusSolluman (3 points)
  11. CharmRelay/EbonTendrilsOfEntropyStyle - By CharmRelay (2 points)
  12. LibraryMailanka/WhisperingDragonStyle - By Mailanka (2 points)
  13. MartialArts/BlackExpectorationOfBlasphemyStyle - By Telgar (2 points)
  14. MartialArtsRelay/PressurePoints aka "Charadrius Style" - By MARelay (1 point)
  15. MartialArts/ButterflyStyle - By [Shadow Raptor] (1 point)
  16. MartialArts/IncandescentRazorStyle - By Quendalon (1 point)
  17. MartialArts/LeopardStyle - By TheScreenJockey (1 point)
  18. MartialArts/RagDollStyle - By IceShade (1 point)


Please choose your top five martial arts.

5 Points: MartialArts/MonkeyStyle2 - By Mapache
4 Points: MartialArts/TreadingOnDiamondsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
3 Points: MartialArts/WhiteCraneStyle - By Quendalon
2 Points: MartialArts/WolfAndRavenStyles - By Mapache
1 Point: MartialArts/SpiderStyle2 - By Telgar

5 Points: MartialArts/CrimsonTempleStyle - By Balthasar
4 Points: MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
3 Points: MartialArts/JadeFanStyle - By Mailanka
2 Points: MartialArts/BlackExpectorationOfBlasphemyStyle - By Telgar (Pending Change)
1 Point: MartialArts/HourglassStyle - By DariusSolluman

5 Points: MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
4 Points: MartialArts/CrimsonThicketOfBambooStyle - By Quendalon
3 Points: MartialArts/CrimsonTempleStyle - By Balthasar
2 Points: MartialArts/TreadingOnDiamondsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
1 Point: MartialArts/RagDollStyle - By IceShade

5 Points: MartialArts/DiamondWeaveOfDestinyStyle - By Quendalon
4 Points: MartialArts/HouseOfEndingsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
3 Points: MartialArts/CrimsonTempleStyle - By Balthasar
2 Points: MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
1 Point: MartialArts/PersimmonOceanOfJoyStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping

5 Points: MartialArts/SpiderStyle2 - By Telgar
4 Points: MartialArts/BraveDragonStyle - By Ikselam
3 Points: MartialArts/CrimsonThicketOfBambooStyle - By Quendalon
2 Points: MartialArts/HouseOfEndingsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
1 Point: MartialArts/MonkeyStyle2 - By Mapache

5 Points: MartialArts/BraveDragonStyle - By Ikselam
4 Points: MartialArts/TreadingOnDiamondsStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
3 Points: MartialArts/ElderTigerStyle - By thinker
2 Points: MartialArts/AshenCalendarOfSetesh - by haren

5 Points: MartialArts/JadeFanStyle - By Mailanka
4 Points: MartialArts/FearsomeBarhgest (Thinker)
3 Points: MartialArts/MonkeyStyle2 (Mapache)
2 Points: LibraryMailanka/WhisperingDragonStyle - By Mailanka
1 Points: MartialArts/IncandescentRazorStyle - By Quendalon

5 points: MartialArts/SpiritFoxStyle - By Madu
4 points: MartialArts/JadeFanStyle - By Mailanka
3 points: MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
2 points: MartialArts/AshenCalenderofSetesh - By haren
1 point: MartialArts/ButterflyStyle - By [Shadow Raptor]

5 points: CharmRelay/Sorrow - By CharmRelay
4 points: MartialArts/WolfAndRavenStyles - By Mapache
3 points: MartialArts/FearsomeBarghestStyle - By Thinker
2 points: CharmRelay/EbonTendrilsOfEntropyStyle - By CharmRelay
1 points: MartialArtsRelay/PressurePoints - By MARelay

5 points: MartialArts/AmberHawkInFlamesStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
4 points: MartialArts/GoldenBarqueoftheHeavensStyle - By Argyle
3 points: MartialArts/PersimmonOceanOfJoyStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
2 points: MartialArts/HourglassStyle - By DariusSolluman
1 point: MartialArts/LeopardStyle - TheScreenJockey

5 points: MartialArts/CrimsonThicketOfBambooStyle - by Quendalon
4 points: MartialArts/PersimmonOceanOfJoyStyle - By FourWillowsWeeping
3 points: MartialArts/DiamondWeaveOfDestinyStyle - by Quendalon
2 points: CharmRelay/Sorrow aka "Black Mourner Style" - by CharmRelay
1 point: MartialArts/AshenCalenderOfSetesh - by haren


I wrote the Spider Style 2. Not Thinker! ME ME ME ME! That is all. - Telgar, jealous of what little credit he gets for being a genius.

I'm adding a dividing line before the stuff that gets pushed off the list but not deleting it, so that they are easy to restore if subsequent faves bring them back up. Also, I've deliberately not selected two styles be the same author, for variety. - willows

I only voted for four because I think this is a cool and helpful idea even though I'm not a big fan of fan-made MA in general, and only wanted to vote for styles I was interested in enough to read all the way through. --dissolvegirl

It's really hard to choose!!! So many are so good. I love the quality of the submissions on the Wiki (mostly)... I may revise these after more consideration and sampling the goodies, but these were definitely the first few I allowed into the games I run, thus I guess they're the most deserving. There was also a Five-Seasons Style by ... Oakenrod...(?)... which I thought was fantastic, but can't find on the Wiki for some reason... may have been off the RPGnet forums. Also there was a Gun-Fu set by Nephilpal which rocked mountains, but can't find here either. Yay the Wiki! Yay the Wikizens! Nikink

Wow! Loads of votes! Nice one guys. And good idea about keeping the runners up on there, Willows. That way new posters will be able to just cut n' paste to move MA's from the runner's up to the top ten. It's also cool that there are enough voters now that all the MAs in the top ten have at least two people voting for them. - Voidstate

I'm closing the voting on Friday so i can make the PDF over the weekend. So please vote soon if you're at all interested. It'll only take a moment and a few more votes and every MS in the top ten will be there because more than one person voted for it. - Voidstate

Did the first section yesterday for Fearsome Barghest Style. You can see it here: - Voidstate

Looks cool! I think this was (is) a great idea. Kudos to your benevolence! If we ever meet, I owe you a drink. B-) Nikink Oh, what's up with FearsomeBarghest and BlackMourner styles being on opposite sides of the great 'Runner-Up' divide? They are equal (as of this post, both are 7). I know you are only doing the top ten, but ... I dunno ... just seems unfair to do only one of a tie... I guess there's more time for voting yet (barely) which may change the rankings anyway... What about doing the BlackMourner Style instead of FearsomeBarghest, though? Much as I like FB, more people contributed to BM?
Actually if there's no more votes, I'm thinking of doing the top twelve now (everything with 6 points or more). That will mean there's a nice spread of terrestrial, celestial and sidereal styles which should make the PDF useful to most people regardless of the type of game they play in. - Voidstate
Ok... two drinks it is... ;-) - Nikink

Just done a few tree diagrams for the ones likely to make it and damn you Willows for the way you arranged the charms in Treading On Diamonds Style. *mutter* Star shapes indeed... ;) - Voidstate

Whoa. Somebody voted for my style. My ego thanks you!  :D - Argyle