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Hi. I'm Madu. Or more accurately, I'm Gary and I have a particular favorite Lunar character named Madu. A madu is an Indian fakir's weapon, consisting of a small steel buckler backed with a double-pointed spear. In the SCA it's usually just a 40-inch rattan stick with a thrusting tip on either end - people in AEthelmarc love 'em. Functionally, it's a short spear, but you can strike with either end (Spd +3). It's held in a kind of awkward position to stab with, so accuracy drops (Acc +0). It integrates a shield, but it seems excessive to give it the same difficulty penalties that a buckler carries, so it just has a ridiculous defense stat (Def +4). It's solely a piercing weapon, and a pretty lightweight one at that (Dam +2L).

Rate? What the hell's that? Oh yeah, rate. Lemme think on it.

This just in: is deader than disco, as is Race to Zero.

24 August 2005: rides again! As time permits various gaming-like content will appear there. It's pretty barren right now, though.

For your amusement I presentMadu/ShamirIlHaidouk, a character in one of Pseudoephedrine's fine play-by-post games.


Welcome! Are you the Madu from - Quendalon

I am. Or was before I got shiftwork employment and disappeared from like dry ice in a plasma flame (winces). ~Madu

Update: I now have my life back. Thank god. ~Madu