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Argent´s wiki page

  • MartialArts/UnrelentingAutomatonStyle is a Celestial-level Martial Art developed for use by hunter-killer amalgam warriors. It uses armored and/or artificial limbs as in-style weapons and concentrates on force and speed - in some ways, it is an alternative to Tiger Style; just as aggressive, but with a different aesthetic. It also allows and even encourages the use of armor, with a few effects that helps to overcome penalties thereof. (1st edition rules.)
  • Tepet Hakurin - , my Dragon-Blooded teenage Heptagram student for Shantak:s Exalted game, "A Child Shall Lead Them". (I´m not really playing her any more, sadly.)
  • Sesus Sikandi - my Dragonblooded Great White Hunter for Illegible Smudge´s Colonial Britain-inspired DB PbP, The burden of Greatness.
  • Creationary - this is my ongoing TT Exalted campaign, loosely inspired by Warren Ellis´ Planetary comic but (as is common with Exalted) it bears little resemblance to my original notes. Fun as hell, though.