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Ghost Repelling Chime

Artefact ••
Any magical material
Commitment: 3 motes

This is a slender metal tube with a fine chain threaded through holes bored at one end, to allow it to be suspended and rung. When struck, it chimes clearly and perfectly, and resonates for far longer than is normal for a chime of this size.

When struck (a Reflexive action that can be performed at most once a turn or the harmonics are disrupted) the initial chime deals eight dice of bashing damage (soakable with Stamina only) to any ghosts - material, immaterial, hungry, sapient or otherwise - within about ten yards. The sound also brings them great discomfort, and any ghost which is affected by the chime has its wound penalties doubled while in the area of effect. Hungry ghosts will immediately flee the sound of the chime, but will not vacate their corpses if they are currently hidden within. They can be destroyed in this manner.

Deathlords and Abyssal Exalted find the sound of the chime uncomfortable, but suffer no mechanical penalties. All beings of the Underworld immediately recognse the sound of a ghost repelling chime. The sound of a single chime lasts about five minutes, or until someone stills the chime itself. Chimes made of different magical materials have different effects.

Jade - Chimes made out of jade have the same effect on elementals and elementally-attuned gods of the appropriate element. They are popular with itinerant Immaculates, and are often used as threats when dealing with recalcitrant Threshhold spirits.

Orichalcum - Resonating with the power of the Unconquered Sun, orichalcum chimes deal lethal damage instead of bashing, making them potent weapons against the armies of the dead.

Moonsilver - Deforming itself as it rings, a moonsilver chime can chime in the ultrasonic register if its owner so wishes. Most ghosts will not hear the chime, but instead will simply be filled with pain, a nameless dread and an urge to flee.

Starmetal - Laden with the power of fate, starmetal chimes have the power to ring themselves if suspended in a suitable manner and ghosts come within the affected area. (This works despite the fact that ghosts are outside of fate - it's one of those mysterious destiny things.) In addition, they sometimes chime if greatly auspicious or inauspicious events disturb the Loom of Fate, alerting their owners to momentous happenings in Creation.

Soulsteel - Soulsteel chimes ring low and uneven, sounding like moaning voices. They only deal half damage to ghosts (4 dice) and do not inflict pain or discomfort upon them. However, they have full effects when used against the spirits of Creation.