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The Wave's Discourse

Sthiti Oath (Artifact 2)


In the West, the incessant lapping of Sea occasionally gives birth and form to an emissary. These emissaries are delicate-spun constructs of crystallized Essence, hungry to impose the perfect, fluid harmony of Sea upon Unsea. This is their driving passion, but they are too small and fragile to enact it on their own. They must find their own emissaries.

So they scuttle along the submarine pathways of the Western Wyld, singing their promises like a fishwife hawking her catch. And, from time to time, one of the raksha will happen upon the Wave’s Discourse and swear to it, promising never to set foot on land, except to further its descent into Sea. Once the Essence of the Discourse has tangled itself into the raksha’s heart, Sea calms in happiness. Sea quivers with joy. Sea has another pawn through which to work its great, slow war of extermination against the blasphemy of dry land.


“I swear never again to set foot or fin upon the Great Bane [dry land], but for those times when such an act becomes necessary in my efforts to sink Unsea into Sea.”


Upon swearing to the Wave’s Discourse, the Fair One gains the following mutations: Assumption of Elemental Shape: Water (p. 149), Element-Weaving Style (p. 151), and Teeth of the World (152).


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