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I really quite like FrivYeti's demonic virtues, and though I am statting my demons with the normal virtues, they are definitely worth considering as a slightly different interpretation of the minds that guide these. Also, it seemed like the souls of a third circle demon listed in Games of Divinity were templates - warden soul, for example, is not on the list but is listed. So I've renamed them for Anapyxi. I'll see how it works out.

Assume that all second and third circle demons have the materialize charm, and all first circles have the dematerialize charm, and most are written for second edition. If the charm lists seem short, assume lots of excellencies and such. I will be revising the charm lists of some of the ones I like more to reflect the new spirit charm stylins of Roll of Glorious Divinities.

As a side note, if you use any of these in a game, let me know how it works out - I am unsure about how they would stack up against pretty much anything and would love to hear stories of horror. As for anyone showing up who doesn't want to sort through all of the dross, the ones I would recommend starting with that are maybe somewhat good areTheHoverpope/Aai of the first circle,TheHoverpope/Derethan of the second,TheHoverpope/LostTayala of the third,TheHoverpope/Zuratha as a custom Yozi andTheHoverpope/Cytheria as a canon one. Enjoy.

Brass-Bound Souls

First Circle (18)

TheHoverpope/Aai, the Slate, Progeny of the Permanence of Change
TheHoverpope/Achristos, That Which Remains, Progeny of the Knife that Whittles Away
TheHoverpope/Aphelos, the Deep Worms, Progeny of The Storm Who Hides
TheHoverpope/Camenate, Speaking Truths Witnessed, Progeny of the Hearth and the Home
TheHoverpope/Caroshi With the Bladed Hands, Progeny of the Doctor Who May Not Heal
TheHoverpope/Diette, the Beloved Children, progeny of the Hearth and Home
TheHoverpope/Ghenica, the Heartwood Rot, Prodigy of Shabbuth which Cannot Walk
TheHoverpope/Granassa, The Malfean Light, Progeny of The Grieving lord
TheHoverpope/Hylecae, the Brass-Tooth Wolves, Progeny of the Air-Borne Sight
TheHoverpope/Lepida, the Razor of the Forsaken Heart, Progeny of The Knife that Whittles Away
TheHoverpope/Jhijhar, the Passionate Chariot, Progeny of The Hunger Enfleshed
TheHoverpope/Micahna, the Hungry Assassins, Progeny of the Knife that Whittles Away
TheHoverpope/Nuroten, the Clay of Efficacious Prayer, Progeny of the Drought of Flame.
TheHoverpope/Raneet, The Sacrifice for Life, Progeny of The Doctor Who May Not Heal
TheHoverpope/Senesho, The Words of True Courage, Progeny of the Blades of Battles Past
TheHoverpope/Shenella, The Sirens of the Boiling Sea, Progeny of the Bloated Remnant
TheHoverpope/Sija, the Fingers of the Inquisitor, Progeny of the Dancing Inquisitor
TheHoverpope/Talethus, The Most Wretched Mendicant, Progeny of the Sprouting Blight
TheHoverpope/Tavamae, Aloft on Portentous Wings, Progeny of the Despairing Covenant
TheHoverpope/Tenodora, the Metal Born of Flesh
TheHoverpope/Tikessa, the Caring Mother, progeny of the Hearth and Home
TheHoverpope/Tinetora, Spreader of Salt, Progeny of The Thing in Horror of Itself
TheHoverpope/Tobelous, Layers of Stones and Blood, Progeny of the Hearth and the Home
TheHoverpope/Va-Sji, the Lonely Grave, Progeny of The Hunger Inescapable
TheHoverpope/Wasz, the Weaving Heart, Progeny of the Seraph of the Broken

Second Circle (25)

Aiomina's Followers:
TheHoverpope/Dav, The Mind Without a Home, Expressive Soul of The Thing that Cannot Stop Being
TheHoverpope/Kessera, The Hunger Inescapable, Defining Soul of The Thing that Cannot Stop Being
TheHoverpope/Tototh, The Savant Who Has Felt Your Pain Or Will, Understanding Soul of The Thing that Cannot Stop Being

What Anapyxi Said:
TheHoverpope/Anetessa, The Doctor Who May Not Heal, Amending Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
TheHoverpope/Cynessitten, The Shapeless Expansion, Growing Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
TheHoverpope/Derethan, The Sprouting Blight, Corrupting Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
TheHoverpope/Phormetis, The Permanence of Change, Absorbing Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
TheHoverpope/Shabbuth-Which-Cannot-Walk, Longing Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
TheHoverpope/Terianessi, The Desirous Urge Freed, Consuming Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable
The Thing in Horror of Itself, Cleansing Soul of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable.
TheHoverpope/Barafoss, the Half-Formed, Progenitive Soul of the Sower of Seeds Innumberable

Dikos Mou's Lesser Beings:
TheHoverpope/Shoggeleth, The Knife That Whittles Away, Defining Soul of The Mine of All Things Buried
TheHoverpope/Teleketah, The Beast Which Loathes Its Name, Warden Soul of The Mine of All Things Buried
TheHoverpope/Cotopaxi, The Effulgent Spring, Indulgent Soul of The Mine of All Things Buried
TheHoverpope/Tolens, The Bargain that is Not Equal, Reflective Soul of the Mine of All Things Buried

Ephoria's Countless Swarming Young: (PS: There are 7!)
TheHoverpope/Avakoshi, The Legion of Himself, Reflective Soul of the Thousand Spawn Dam

Hrotsvitha's Songs of Longing:
TheHoverpope/Borgene, who Clouds Memory

Lost Tayala's kin:
TheHoverpope/Ashaz-Brai, the Hidden, Guardian soul of Lost Tayala
TheHoverpope/Capybar, who Dissents, Protective Soul of the Hunted Meaning
TheHoverpope/Secana, The Endless Chains, Defining soul of Lost Tayala
TheHoverpope/Tarak-Brai, the Truth At the Heart, Reflected Soul of the Hunted Meaning

Pinesha's Court:
TheHoverpope/Ketizo, The hearth and the home, Indulgent Soul of the One in the Barbed Tangle
TheHoverpope/Zekarias, The Ambassador of the Enshrined, Reflective soul of the One in the Barbed Tangle

Prodosia's Betrayals:
TheHoverpope/Farmakos of Poisoned Words, Expressive Soul of the Salter of the Earth
TheHoverpope/Kybernytos, the Pettiest Treason, Reflective Soul of the Salter of the Earth
TheHoverpope/Machairi, Who Strikes at her Chains, Indulgent Soul of the Salter of the Earth
TheHoverpope/Medaeos the Murderer of Kin, Defining Soul of the Salter of the Earth

Sha's Seekers:
TheHoverpope/Bhailekh, the Entwining Hive, Understanding soul of the Ever-Stretching Truth
TheHoverpope/Kwjaicck, the Air-Borne Hunger, Defining soul of the Ever-Stretching Truth
TheHoverpope/Zopoc, the Dancing Inquisitor, Indulgent soul of the Ever-Stretching Truth

The secrets Sulmana knows:
TheHoverpope/Jhi, the Conquering Son, Indulgent Soul of Sulmana
TheHoverpope/Makixata, Who Winnows Truth from Chaff

The Things that Dwell By Ypsos:
TheHoverpope/Apamai, The Storm Who Hides, Protective Soul of The Mountain Without Peak.
TheHoverpope/Essanell, The Blades of Battles Past, Indulgent Soul of The Mountain Without Peak
TheHoverpope/Teggeth Who Knows Much of Valour, Messenger Soul of The Mountain Without Peak
TheHoverpope/Tenesene, The Track Unmarked, Reflective Soul of the Mountain Without Peak

The Green Sun's Rays:
TheHoverpope/Darac, the Drought of Flame, Defining soul of the Green Sun

Xitlita's Infinite Horrors:
TheHoverpope/Xanazha, the Dream of Dreams

Shards of the Soapstone Heart:
Almandine, Artisan of Inverted Garnet TheHoverpope/Syrenexis, the Broken Flute, Indulgent Soul of the Soapstone Heart

Third Circle (25)

Offspring Of Chorifa:
TheHoverpope/Aiomina, The Thing That Cannot Stop Being, Demon of the Third Circle
TheHoverpope/Anapyxi, The Sower of Seeds Innumerable, Fetich Soul of Chorifa
Dikos Mou, the Mine of All Things Buried, Demon of the Third Circle
TheHoverpope/Ypsos, the Mountain Without Peak, Demon of the Third Circle.

Cytheria's Wayward Sons:
TheHoverpope/Hellisa, the Green Brass Skeleton of Malfeas, Fetich Soul of Cytheria
TheHoverpope/Xitlita, The Hundred-Dreamed Nightmare of Sechaverell
TheHoverpope/Taazacore, the Void at the Root of Zurahta
TheHoverpope/Flihthana, The Whisper of the Hound of Isidoris
TheHoverpope/Tezako, the Bottomless Whirlpool of Kimbery

Hegra's Dreams:
TheHoverpope/Aile, The Dream that Does not End
TheHoverpope/Arama, the End of Success
TheHoverpope/Enoch, the Murmering in the Shadows
TheHoverpope/Illursinex, the Unnatural Horror
TheHoverpope/Ka, The Sleeping Madness, Fetich Soul of Hegra
TheHoverpope/Sorrana, The Shortness of One's Reach

The Flesh of Isidoris:
TheHoverpope/Ephoria, the Thousand Spawn Dam, fetich soul of Isidoris
TheHoverpope/Sarka, Lord of Flesh and Bone, Demon of the Third Circle
TheHoverpope/Gouruni, The Boar Pup, Demon of the Third Circle
TheHoverpope/Taloublo, The Mender of Sixteen Score Wounds, demon of the third circle
TheHoverpope/Teleios, The Memory of the Beast, demon of the third circle

Whisperings Of Sacheverell:
TheHoverpope/Kalana, Bound By Six-Score Chains, Fetich Demon of the Third Circle
TheHoverpope/Kelote, The Unfurling of Things, Demon of the Third Circle.
TheHoverpope/TranscendentWovenTales, Demon of the Third Circle (statted)

Szoreny's Forest:
TheHoverpope/Ekteinomai, whose Fingers Trace the Sky as Roots
TheHoverpope/Hrotsvitha, the Golden Wood
TheHoverpope/Pinesha, Who Lives in the Barbed Tangle
TheHoverpope/Shintari, who Follows in Trouble's Footsteps
TheHoverpope/Tellinc, the Flame that Burns Silver, Fetich Soul of Szoreny
TheHoverpope/Vitalius, The Forest in Agony

Zurahta's Depths:
TheHoverpope/Allai, Who Serves the Weak
TheHoverpope/Azhar, Who Tells of Great Things
TheHoverpope/Fylakas, Who Guards the Seed
TheHoverpope/LostTayala, the Hunted Meaning
TheHoverpope/Prodosia, Who Salts the Earth
TheHoverpope/Senesshee, Whose Truth Shapes
TheHoverpope/Sha, The Everstretching Truth
TheHoverpope/TheSoapstoneHeart, fetich soul of Zuratha
TheHoverpope/Sulmana, Who Seeks What she Finds

Yozi (7)

TheHoverpope/Cytheria, The Mother Of Creation, About Whom Nothing Else is Known
TheHoverpope/Chorifa, the Soil Fertile With Beginnings and Endings.
TheHoverpope/Hegra, The Typhoon of Nightmares
TheHoverpope/Isidoris, the Black Boar who Twists the Skies
TheHoverpope/Sacheverell, The Dreamer of Telling Portents
TheHoverpope/Szoreny, The Silver Forest Overturned
TheHoverpope/Zuratha, The Great Caverns That Whisper

Souls of the Dead and Buried


Joheth, in the Dreams of Every Nothing - Manifestation of the whispers as a hekatonkhire


TheHoverpope/TheRimlessWheel - Neverborn of Cycles

Dude. These demons are seriously awesome. Come on over to ATaxonomyOfMadness and come play with the rest of us! - Scrollreader

You thought those were good - just see my terrible poorly thought out yozi and thirds! Mwa ha ha. And yeah, I'll definately check that out-TheHoverpope
Because I speak so highly (and often) of these things, my fiance made me post how much I love them. Kindof a positive-feedback system. So yeah - great work. Now do more, slave-beast! -- GregLink
Thank you very much! I'm always happy to hear that someone likes my work - I certainly don't (especially the Thing in Horror of Itself). But yeah, thanks! I will get back to the drawing board for more, starting with my first statted third. -TheHoverpope

Methinks playing an Occult character in your chronicle might be really interesting! I read about half of them, and the ones I read do rock. Gotta read all of them now. :D -ScrambledValkyrie

Yeah, I didn't have any demons planned at all as being involved in the chronicle TheHoverpope/Sreneca, for those not in the know), but I may have to put some in. Hell, I can have a terrestrial circle sorceror on the opposing side of this battle.... it would certainly mean pumping up the enemy capabilities, but hey, who's opposed to me changing plots? I'm certainly not. Shit, I'ma do that right now! -TheHoverpope, who abandons plots at his first convenience.

Groovy. They rock, and in the game, niiiifty!


I've used many of your demons in my games and they've worked out wonderfuly. Keep up the good work! -- Mizery