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Tellinc, the Flame that Burns Silver

In the great forest Szoreny, the tree trunks grow from impervious metal and are hard and unshakable as adamant. They do not quiver in the strongest wind, for Adorjan does not have domain over them; the great sky-rending roots do not recoil from the burning light of Ligier, because Malfeas has no domain over them; and when the aqua regia waves of Kimbery lap against their bark, it is not etched or blistered for she has no domain over them.

And yet, from afar, one can see parts the forests of Szoreny curling, melting, twisting and warping as if a sapling in a fire, as if snakes drowning, as if the lie of a mirage. Szoreny is strong, except where Tellinc passes. Silver melts near its body like lead or like ice, dripping, running, pooling into puddles and bursting forth as quicksilver geysers that harden in the air as it passes into new trees, new roots. Thus is Tellinc the ability to change ones self, for it changes Szoreny and is of Szoreny, and it is the nature of things that resolve of their own accord, for in its passing Szoreny is whole again by its nature.

It looks to all the world as a pregnant woman accompanied always by a cavalcade of harpists playing a mournful song of love, and as far as his music reaches the trees are as water and fire. Or it looks as a pillar of acrid silver smoke that reaches beyond the farthest sky into which Ghroth is sewn, and all of the forest that looks upon it is molten. Or sometimes it appears as a single tree, greatest among the mighty of Szorny, all of adamant and brass, and in that form every tree in the shade of its upturned roots is melted and reborn.

There was a time when it was often forced to aid the exalted as Tellinc has near complete control over changing one's own self, and over things resolving of their own accord. Many a time it was summoned and its mere presence was an incalculable aid; and yet, if bidden to remake something according to the will of another, it is always its own will that shapes the result.