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Transcendent Woven Tales
Nature: Leader

Strength 9, Dexterity 10, Stamina 8
Charisma 10, Manipulation 7, Appearance 5
Perception 4, Intelligence 8, Wits 9

Awareness 6, Brawl 8, Bureaucracy 3, Dodge 8, Endurance 8, Investigation 5, Linguistics 10 (all languages), Lore 9 (Lost stories +4), Martial Arts 7, Medicine 3, Melee 9, Occult 3, Presence 10, Performance 14, Resistance 8, Ride 9, Stealth 1

Backgrounds: whatever is appropriate to his story, including several at 5
Compassion 2, Conviction 5, Temperance 3, Valor 6

Willpower: 10
Health: -0 X 40, Incap
Essence: 9
Essence pool: 160/160
Soak: 38B/34L (The Impenetrable Defense of Plot Immunity, 30B/30L)

Charms: All listed spirit charms he meets the prerequisites for (note the custom charm below), in addition to the following custom charms:
The Primacy of the Tale
5 motes, scene, reflexive.
Transcendent Woven Tales may substitute his performance score for any one ability for the duration of the scene. He may have more than one copy of this charm active at once, and he may activate it more than once at a time without the use of a combo; however, each time it is activated, the full cost must be paid and increases by one. Thus, if he chooses to use his performance for melee, dodge, and athletics, it would cost 5, 6, and then 7 motes, for a total of 18.

The Story Told Countless Times
Permanent/5 motes, scene, reflexive
The abilities of every legendary hero are slightly different, but they are all one in Transcendent Woven Tales. He may use his performance - 5 as the ability or virtue prerequisite to learn a charm, and may spend 5 motes to substitute it for his virtue until the end of the scene for purposes of charm effects. If he does so, his behavior will change to accord with his new virtue. He may activate this charm in the same turn as The Primacy of the Tale without the use of combos, and may activate it more than once per instant.

The Story's Great Ending
Instant, supplemental, 2 motes, 1 willpower
Many tales end in the hubris of the great hero, the fall that ensues when one fails to understand their own limitations.
Transcendent Woven Tales, using this charm, makes any melee, martial arts, brawl, archery or thrown attack perfect, but will suffer any death inflicted by the charm for as long as they persist on his target. He will not suffer health levels that he inflicts, but if he kills anyone with them, he will remain dead - unable to act -as long as they do; for a god or deathlord months, for a celestial exalt until their shard is reborn. A mortal soul, or even a terrestrial exalt, is too weak to be bound to this charm, and he will not fall with a mortal he kills with it.

The Taking of Roles
20 motes, 3 willpower,
Transcendent Woven Tales is the embodiment of the legends told, and he can force others to partake in his manner of existence too. Activating this charm, he may choose any being that he can see, and classify that being as hero or villain, or as love, sidekick or mentor to either of those, or other role of his conception. He then casts himself in another of those roles of his choice. The target will act according to that role for the duration of the charm, which is until Teth-Darak leaves the story voluntarily, dies, or considers the story over. This is a perfect shaping attack, and may be defended against by a perfect defence against shaping or fate manipulation. The essence spent is committed the first time he sets a being into his stories, but no matter how many times he sets another character into the story, he need not commit another 20 motes.

Acts of Legend
Tales' actions are those of every being of legend, every great story remembered for all eternity. Add two dice to all of his stunts; his stunt rewards change accordingly, thus giving essence replenishment from 6 to 10. A five die stunt allows him to regain two willpower. The criteria for what a stunt is are unchanged; a five die stunt is exactly as difficult to define as a three die would normally be.

Other notes: If a hundred true stories of Tales' exploits are told to him within a scene, his current story will collapse. He will lose the use of any of his custom charms for the duration of the scene, and his essence will reduce to 5; his essence pool will change accordingly. He will find himself unable to leave the scene of his own volition until he is alone. If he is killed in this state, he will die permanently. He is unaware of this weakness; it is his true hubris to think himself alone in having no flaw. Also, he enjoys hearing of his own tales; he must make a temperance roll to not listen to his stories as they are told.