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Micahna, the Hungry Assassins

The Micahna live to hunt, and they are good at what they do. They are shaped like men hunched over, running like crude apes on strong haunches and thickly skinned hands that make no sound as they strike the ground. The hunters stalk their prey, and when they strike they feed, taking the best of their victims. They may feed on a courtesan and their stride becomes proud and upright; they cut away at the body of a king and become leaders of men.

The Micahna are consummate hunters, and once they have chosen a target, nothing can shake them. They will recreate themselves by cunning thefts of natures until they have been built in a way perfect to destroy their target.


Physical: 3/4/3
Social: 2/0/3
Mental: 3/2/3

awareness 2, athletics 2, investigation 2, martial arts 3, stealth 3, survival 2

Essence: 2
Willpower: 8
Essence pool: 50/50

Compassion 0
Conviction 2
Temperance 2
Valor 3

Soak: 6B/4L (Thick flesh, 3/3)

Supernatural abilities:
The Essence of the Wolf
Dramatic action
Whenever a Micahna kills a victim, it may take a part of their being and make it themself. The demon surgically removes eats a part of his victim that represents their greatest strength. He might eat a warrior's sinews, a courtesan's face, or a hawk's eyes. He gains a single point in an attribute, ability, virtue or specialty. If gaining an attribute or ability, it must be the highest possessed by his victim; for specialties, the target must possess that specialty. No more than essence dots may be gained in any one attribute, ability, or specialty, and no more than the demon's willpower may be gained at once in total. Only one of his total dots may come from a non-sentient being. If the demon exceeds his willpower in points gained, he chooses one that falls off. These bonus points count as natural for purposes of charms.

Natural Excellency
Whenever the Micahna has gained both a dot in an ability and a specialty pertaining to that ability, he gains the third excellency for it.

Gracious Fang
One scene, Reflexive
3m, 1lhl
The micahna may extend a single fingernail into a long, graceful glassy spike. This functions essentially as a natural weapon or dagger with the stats: speed 4, accuracy +3, damage +4L, defense +1, rate 3. The weapon is brittle, and will shatter if it parries or is parried, or if it suffers an equivalently traumatic blow. At the end of the scene or as a miscellaneous action by the demon, the charm ends and the claw returns to its normal state, healing the health level cost. If the weapon is broken, the health level is normal damage.