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The Thing in Horror of Itself

The Thing in Horror of Itself is a fragment of The Sower of Seeds Innumerable, and it is the fragment of that being that cannot stand its task. The Thing in Horror of Itself imagines that it once had another name, and upon understanding its true purpose cast it away and with it its own nature. This is incorrect - it never had another name, and it never will. When it fell from Anapyxi's skin she looked at it sadly and said "You will never know rest until your work is done." It was not a command, but a knowledge of the future that was hurtful even to her. She, in an act of mercy unique to her, erased this memory from it. The thing is a writhing grey mass of mucoid tentacles covered in suckers, each with a clawed pincer buried in the monster itself. It's center is an amorphous mass of scars and mouths, all screaming with inhuman tongues languages that should not be heard by man's ears. The Thing lives in unimaginable pain, as its own limbs tear at its flesh and its own being rebels against the horrors it embodies. It cannot imagine that any being does not live in the agony in which it permanently dwells, and so it feels obligated to destroy all life to relieve it of its suffering.

The Thing in Horror of Itself is a truly horrifying sight, and has been known to shatter souls of lesser beings. In a twisted and insane effort to save life, it feels obligated to consume it, even though it knows this will create more - when the beast is satiated, its tentacles start to detach themselves and attempt to crawl away, and it uses its remaining ones to crush the fleeing monstrosities before they can establish a life of such suffering. The countless mouths vomit a replacement tentacle that fastens itself in place on the body of the Thing, and all of the mouths scream in frustration and knowledge that the cycle of life is nearly unbreakable. The would like nothing better than to consume itself to end its own existence, but it has not found itself able to die yet. It has been whispered that it can only be permanently destroyed once it believes that all life has been extinguished and spared torment, and that it is the only thing that suffers so.

Nature: Martyr
Attributes: Strength 10, Dexterity 7, Stamina 6, Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 0, Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 4.
Virtues: Compassion 5, Conviction 3, Temperence 1, Valor 3
Abilities: Athletics 2, Awareness 4, Brawl 4 (Tentacles +3), Endurance 3, Lore 2 (Biology of living creatures +8), Occult 3, Presence 1 (intimidation +4) Resistance 4
Charms: Tracking, Memory Mirror, Uncanny Prowess, Paralyze, Tiny Damnation, Words of Power.
Cost to Materialize: 55
Base Initiative: 11
Tentacle: Speed 15, Accuracy 14, Damage 12 L, Defense 16 Rate 8
Tentacle: (Clinch): Speed 9, Accuracy 17, Damage 10L, Defense 0, Rate 8
Bite: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 16L, Defense 3, Rate 2.
Dodge pool: 7 Soak: 21B/13L (Amorphous flesh-sac, 15B/10L)
Willpower: 7
Health Levels: -0 x 18 (No pain inflicted can compare with what it already endures.)
Essence: 6 Essence pool: 100

Other Notes: The Thing receives two free tentacle attacks and one free bite per turn but may not split its main pool; it can only declare a full parry or attack again. It may make a bite attack on a clinched target without penalty.
The Thing's version of Memory Mirror will only copy the most painful and unpleasant memories of a subjects life. Its Tiny Damnation doubles all wound penalties for the scene. Both of these trigger for free automatically when it strikes an opponent with a tentacle, and the thing cannot prevent this. The Thing may always channel compassion on attacks against living things if it so desires.
On seeing the Thing, mortals and exalts must succeed at a difficulty 3 willpower check or flee screaming until it is no longer in sight.