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Hegra, The Typhoon of Nightmares,

"To know the world is to fear it, he said."

Hegra was once known as Eshelle, the Revelatory Conception, and she was to the minds of men as Autocthon was to their hands. She took thoughts and made them whole, and then her fetich was killed and creation hounded her. Now she takes the imaginings of dreamers and twists them through her rage, creating nightmares that could only be imagined by her shattered, hateful mind. When her howling spreads through sky of Malfeas, the lesser souls of the yozi and their spawn burrow into each other to hide, huddle under the bones of Malfeas, shudder in fear that they will be touched by the rains than bring madness or the bleeding lightning which arcs from her, shattering metal and stone. Her brass veins stretch across the sky in her passage, and the storm that is her flesh coalesces around them, howling always at the eternal torment of her new twisted form existance as Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares.

Hegra's dreams leave eternal marks, scarring the souls of any unfortunate to suffer them; their memory echoes from life to life, surviving death, lethe, rebirth countless times, carrying madness through whole ages of the world. She and Adorjan battle across the sky of the demon city, for Hegra wishes to howl so that all beings will suffer pain equal to her own, and Adorjan only wishes for the silence of empty air.

Hegra is the reification of helpless, uncomprehending fear and terror, the panicked knowledge of beasts at ones heels or of an endless fall to a hard death. Her dreams are always phantasms that convey the ultimate hopelessness of continuing, that hint at horrors one can cannot imagine. The other Yozi respect her potency, and they understand her fury, but she wanders alone.


I saw the name there, sitting coyly in the shadows of page 307, and I said to myself - "She's mine! Nobody's written anything for her yet, she's my own, my precious, my very own little canonical yozi..." I cackle to myself a great deal. - TheHoverpope

Nice ideas, although she seems... a little more Malfean than Yozi? The focus on mortal terror and desire for the silence of empty air makes her appear a little like one of them. Plus the death of her fetich soul would have made her into a Malfean (if I understand canon corrently)...DeathBySurfeit
It's Adorjan who wants the silence of empty air, not Hegra. And yes, the death of her fetich should make her Malfean. Overall though, I like this one. - Trithne
Death of a fetich, canonically, does not make someone a Malfean; it takes frequent and repeated fetich deaths. Canonically, for example, Adorjan's fetich soul died way back when. :) - FrivYeti
I was under the impression that it took not only fetich death but a reduction of the Primordial to fewer than seven surviving Third Circle souls for it to become a Neverborn. - Han'ya