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Isidoris, the Black Boar that Twists the Skies

Through the forests that are Szoreny's body, a course is torn by Isidoris; the forest is fallen and shattered to regrow behind the beast that rampages, its bellowing and roaring heard across the realms of Malfeas. Isidoris is technically a creature rather than a place, unlike so many of the yozi, but this is only somewhat accurate; in reality, he is much like Hegra in that he is a phenomenon, a thing so massive that it can barely be considered a creature rather than an event, though he is made of flesh and bone.

He stands as the greatest mountain of the demon realms, a legged mountain of confounding shape; greater than the omphalos of creation, his back crushes against the skies of Malfeas, rendering him hunched by the prison's walls; the sky itself is dented and torn by the boles of his vertebrae, the skin torn aside to expose them, that crack against it, the hideous vitriol stars pushed out of place in the sky corrugated by his passage. He walks on uncounted legs, each one short as a man and long as his dreams and infinite in strength, and his forward side bristles with a thicket of tusks that burst outwards through wounds that drip his black blood. His flanks are riven with endless mouths, each of which bellows in unison, a chorus of pain and impossible dreams that echo across the demon city and raise waves on Kimbery. His uncaring flesh is torn by the branches of Szoreny that he walks through, blades of silver and glass that cleave him, and so between the mouths his skin is scarred angry pink on near every surface. Scars upon scars, fleshy, deep purple and keloid, raise bizarre structures of flesh building upon itself. And yet there are rare streaks of flesh across his body that are unmarked by pain and so still sprout those massive black bristles that once covered him, now standing as belated testaments to his name and power.
He is an embodiment of brutal, primal fertility, an ancient force of the primordial woods and the greatest thing of flesh that there has ever been; and so his souls are more prolific than those of any other Yozi, and they carve through his flesh, building endless colonies of their young, countless races that fill his unbounded flesh. His surface is covered with great cities like a boar's is with fleas, and they are sloughed off as he turns, and rebuilt as he pauses. The fecundity of his body is limitless, and so as many cities are lost as remain.

He is bound to walk Szoreny, for the time, because he has made a promise, an oath great beyond comprehension. He will change Szoreny, he has claimed, change him beyond repair, and the souls of that creature exulted. But Szoreny is great as he is, and both are infinite, and so Isidoris does nothing to Szoreny that is not part of that being's nature to have done to it, and the two infinite things circle in and encircle each other eternally. This is in keeping with his nature of bestial obsession, of hurling his might at a task until the task must yield, like a boar fighting to the death against a pack of dogs despite their numbers, like a pack of dogs sweeping down on a boar despite its tusks; and it is within his nature of bestial creation, obsessed with reproduction and spawn and youth and creating new life, no matter the cost, like a rat that mates until it dies of hunger, like a mantis that knows what its mate intends, like a lion that eats its young so as to gain the strength to breed.


Isidoris is a boar like Shub-Niggurath is a goat. - TheHoverpope