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Aile, the Dream that Does not End.

Aile was a dream of Hegra long ago, when she slept in the clouds. When she woke, she had not yet kissed the ground. Aile is the nightmare of entrapment, of the endless fall towards an uncaring ground or of the slow sinking into sucking mud. It is the knowledge that one cannot help oneself, that one is inexorably, endlessly approaching one's end which will never mercifully come. It is the dying of hope, the concept that all of one's action will be in vain; one cannot strike at a fall from the sky, one cannot talk oneself out of drowning, all that one can do is fail to bear it. Aile appears to the eyes as a bloated corpse, a body that has drowned and only by death and the workings of decomposition can rise again to the surface to breathe. It's speech is in whispers, the cadences of which kill hope, and its presence will kill ambition. It may sometimes also appear as the acrid smell that surrounds the storm of Hegra. It may draw its victims to a pocket of elsewhere, one that is bottomless, one that is full of water with the ripple of light just visible above, one of tar sucking at feet. The victims will never die, kept alive unnaturally, but will not free themselves, though should they somehow accomplish it, they will find themselves free. Those unfortunate beings in her nightmares will lie perfectly still, unmoving and resigned to their fate, their eyes wide open and staring at nothing.