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Cytheria, The Mother of Creation, About Whom Nothing Else is Known

In the time before time, the primordials were truly free. Before creation, before the island in the wyld, there were only the primordials. They grew weary of the shifting wastes, and Cytheria seized on a whispered plan of She Who Lives in her Name.
Autocthon wrought the heart of Zurahta into a great loom, and through it Cytheria wove Gaia's willing flesh to make the world. All was well until the primordial war came, and Cytheria understood what she had done. In giving birth to creation, she had trapped the primordials into their natures. She had taken all of their strengths to be as buttresses against the Wyld, and so together their entrapment was precisely as great as their own progenitive strength. Their final end and corruption was the inevitable, inexorable result of her own work.

Her shame at her great hubris overwhelmed her, and she remade herself. She tore from her nature the concepts of genesis and sacrifice; she took the flames that she was and doused them into ash. She took her fetich and tore its soul apart, rebuilding it as a hollow nothing. But she was a yozi, and could not be killed; and she was such a great thing that even she could not slay herself. So instead, she began again and hid herself from the world, blinding her existence from the eyes of mortals and even her own demons. She now is not the floating flames of genesis that swept the world and birthed things in their passing; there is no phenomenon or locale in the demon city that is Cytheria. She reworked her being until it was nothing, and now she exists, a being of unlimited might, as her own memory. Whenever another yozi, in the infinity of their labarynthine minds, thinks of her, she is that thought. Whenever a memory passes through a demon or the grass of the demon city recalls her touch, she is there. She only exists as a concept of a thought, and yet for that strange form her efforts have availed her not; she is a yozi as great as she ever was.

She has remade all of her souls to be the souls of other yozi, to believe with all of their hearts that they are the unattended souls of other great beings. None of them know anything of her, and she tries to know nothing of them.

Souls of Cytheria

TheHoverpope/Hellisa, the Green Brass Skeleton of Malfeas, Fetich Soul of Cytheria
TheHoverpope/Xitlita?, The Hundred-Dreamed Nightmare of Sechaverell
TheHoverpope/Taazacore?, the Void at the Root of Zurahta
TheHoverpope/Flihthana?, The Whisper of the Hound of Isidoris
TheHoverpope/Tezako, the Bottomless Whirlpool of Kimbery


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