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Alec Austin's Lair of Doom

Alec Austin has been a nuclear reactor operator, a book reviewer, and the assistant manager/bookkeeper of one of the best comic book stores in the country (Comic Relief, in Berkeley). He attended the Clarion West writer's workshop in 2000, and graduated from Reed College in 2001 with a degree in Mathematics, having spent as much time working on a novel draft as on his thesis. He currently wastes much of his time with hplovescats geeking out about Exalted.

The Good Stuff

Other Good Stuff

  • Charms/Ikselam: If you haven't checked these out, do so now. Ikselam has come up with some of the best homebrew charms I've seen anywhere.
  • The Wiki's FormatStandards, for my own reference.

Other Scribblings


I like the FightingSchools idea a lot.\\ _Ikselam

Well, I was talking to hplovescats a few days back, and came up w/ the same idea you'd had on the forum about a book covering the topic. So I figured, what the hey... -AlecAustin