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Sun Sees You.

New stuff... mostly revolving around reptiles.


My interest in the Lunars is second only to my interest in the Dragon Kings. As we speak, I'm probably either thinking of one, the other, or ways to cram Dragon Kings into somewhere else. My line of thinking is that if there's nothing else there, it could always use Dragon Kings.

Dimetrodon was closesly related to... you. <^_^>


Welcome to the Wiki, you've got some good stuff put up so far. Check around the Charm sections to see how we organize the pages. I fixed your Lunar Charm links so they'll take you to the right places. Just stickShakenzerite/Shakenzerite after them to make a page for your charms. Enjoy! - Telgar

Hey! Welcome to the wiki:D When your doing reallllly minor updates, you might want to use the "this change is a minor edit" check box at the bottom of the screen. It's just above the save button. It's useful for when your doing things like adding your name to LunarUnarmed, or making small grammatical changes to charms that nobody really needs to be informed of. Thanks! -- CrownedSun