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Kurulham does not exist. There is no Kurulham. He had it surgically removed.

Yes, I am the Kurulham who occasionally freaked out on the old White Wolf forums. Yes, I am doing my Insane Charms project for Third Edition. No, you cannot have a copy.

You can find me on the Freedom Stone as Kurulham, or on the Onyx Path forums as Jackson MacKenzie. Impostulators will be transgressicuted.

T'ings Wot I Done Writted

Crunchy Bits

Assorted Musings & Quotes

  • "This... is Creation. It has basic rules, rules like gravity. What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of Essence flow. Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken." From the Heptagram matriculation address of Master Ceonnis-Ba, RY 612
  • My thoughts on this whole fate thing, from 1e.

My Games

Or at least the ones that have run long enough to take any notice of.


...are welcome! - Kurulham

Kurulham, would it be possible for you to include a summary with your updates? There's quite a few updates on the RecentChanges page, all by you, with no idea what they are. Are they comments? New charms? Things just for your game? I, at least, would appreciate it if you could put the summaries up, so we know whether or not to check your stuff out. - GregLink

Erk, sorry! The page is brand-spanking new, and I keep realizing I have other stuff sitting on my hard drive that I want to show off. Note to self: use the "minor edit" button, that's what it's for. - Kurulham