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Kurulham does not exist. There is no Kurulham. He had it surgically removed.


The All-Important Disclaimer

If you've come to this page looking for extremely attractive people of your favored gender, I am sorry to disappoint. However, if you seek my random scribblings about various Exalted things, welcome! If you have come on account of my being an opinionated monkey, I didn't do it, and if I did, I didn't mean to. Seriously, I am rather opinionated, and I do try always to be civil, but without vocal tone to work with, I often end up rubbing people the wrong way. So.

I wish to further point out that I am a member of the military on active duty, so my response to any comments will be sporadic, at best, and a great deal of material that I've made space for isn't here. Apologies.

That said, on to the good stuff!

Random Stuff

Crunch Material in Progress

Assorted Musings & Quotes

  • "This... is Creation. It has basic rules, rules like gravity. What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of Essence flow. Some of them can be bent. Others can be broken." From the Heptagram matriculation address of Master Ceonnis-Ba, RY 612
  • My thoughts on this whole fate thing.
  • Ideas for anKurulham/ExaltedMovieCast.

My Games

Other People's Stuff I Find Nifty

  • Power Combat 101 - how to fight (and how NOT to fight) in Power Combat, by Kasumi.
  • TonyC/SolarsVsLion - a fight between five Solars and the First and Forsaken Lion. An interesting glimpse at mid-to-high-Essence combat.
  • TheMyriadOfShades has some excellent material on Charm design philosophy and Power Combat tactics.


...are welcome! - Kurulham

Kurulham, would it be possible for you to include a summary with your updates? There's quite a few updates on the RecentChanges page, all by you, with no idea what they are. Are they comments? New charms? Things just for your game? I, at least, would appreciate it if you could put the summaries up, so we know whether or not to check your stuff out. - GregLink

Erk, sorry! The page is brand-spanking new, and I keep realizing I have other stuff sitting on my hard drive that I want to show off. Note to self: use the "minor edit" button, that's what it's for. - Kurulham
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