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Yo ho, yo ho, a ninja's life for me.

21/m/WA, very single, <3s anime, Exalted, and some other stuff.

Current Location: Home, thank gfudku.

Ongoing Games

Currently Playing in

Currently Running

KitBox/UnderSiege - A game with some guys I know. (details later)

Characters I haven't written up or that I am not currently playing

  • Lament of Unwilling Compromise
    • Midnight Caste Abyssal Diplomat and Apostle of Death in General.
  • Dirge of the Desert (Mourning/Morning)
    • Day Caste Abyssal Assassin.
  • Konoha Iskandros
    • Wood-aspect Dragon-Blooded Ninja.
  • <bKitBox/CynisBelarAramia</b>
    • Fire-aspect Dragon-Blooded Martial Artist, Drunkard, and Sex Monster.



    • The original cruise missile (and excuse for me to rip off Evangelion).


    • A quick and dirty little soulsteel daiklave that subjects you to...well, a taste of Oblivion.
  • Xardion
    • Ye Olde Plot Device Warstrider. (Full writeup coming soon.)


  • KitBox/TheMeanderingColossus - This is the definition of Manse N/A, I think. A giant manse that walks slowly all over the world on mile-long spider legs. Think Kingdom of Zeal from Chrono Trigger, but with legs and on methamphetamines.

Martial Arts



The KitBox ShoutBox

Welcome back from Japan. Can't wait to see content from the game you're running. And again, I'm glad you decided to play in TaskForceCreation. :) --dissolvegirl