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IRC Peoples

  • AntiVehicleRocket seems to have had more experience with Lunars than I would recommend for most people. Otherwise, she is smart and science-y!
  • Ben-San doesn't really post much, but he is still dangerous. His Burning Hamster Wheel Style is not to be taken lightly!
  • Will is... Will. Say what you will about Will, but he will be Will, whether you try to will Will not to be or... not. Will to be. Will.
  • Tiffa is a good friend, and likes the sea and swords and ponies and ice cream and elves and even lightbulbs! But especially the moon.

#WoD and Wiki Peoples

  • Telgar is a dude who likes Charms, evil dust bunnies, and being an ST. Good man. Now if only he'd give me a gazillion XP and a NEW CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!
  • David. has that really hugeass House of Battles mega-fu thing which is neat. I likes it.
  • FiatVictrix is FIAT. There is little more than can be said.
  • BogMod is also a Really Nice ST. He did the Exalted Beach Volleyball thing. I think there's more to him than that, but I'm too busy dreaming about the Maidens in skimpies to care.
  • dissolvegirl is one of those fearsome things we guys on the Internet call 'females'. She is wily, and apparently can dissolve. Scary!
  • Charlequin tastes like cherries! And charm trees! I hear those taste like awesome.
  • Raccoon and Seiraryu I just kinda met, but they're both cool as cucumbers in the fridge.

People Who May Or May Not Be As Crazy About Raksha As I Am

  • BerserkSeraph is the first raksha charm-maker I noticed. Yay~.
  • OhJames should be more available, in case I decide to run Sex, Lies and Gossamer. <_<
  • FourWillowsWeeping may be... um. Abrasive? But Willows is damned brilliant and has a knack for MA.
  • MetalFatigue has some neat ideas and... yeah!
  • LeSquide is a skwid! And likes raksha! This I totally approve of.
  • Talion has had some helpful input on my stuffs, and this is greatly appreciated.
  • MadGreenSon seems to be a nice new face that I'm keeping my shiny eyes on.
  • SlipNine is a Rin! Also about as fae-crazy as I am.

The Dancers In Twilight! (ADoA and Related Peeps)

  • DarkSirenSally is nice and Mieu-flavored and got me sucked into her IRC channel... thing. Yay?
  • GoldenCat is a Colapso! ST of A Dance of Angels, he is a really descriptive GM-type and quite dirty in the head like me!
  • Greymane has written up the rather intriguing Boil, which has been the setting for much of the Dance. Very nice, very detailed!
  • SlipNine (again!) is a Ri---wait, I did this already.
  • JDuel100 is supposedly either Unconquered or a Vitamin, but I mostly associate him with a snooty Mountain Folk artisan. ^_^
  • Kraken (IS A SKWID) is responsible for the single most intriguing Dragon-Blooded character I have ever seen in play. Ever.
  • Selina has the whole 'dark and tormented buster of asses' down pat, right down to the leotard.
  • Kazuki has apparently been suckered into the 'hot guy with glasses' thing that Mieu likes. Wonder why. <_<
  • Morrigu has this demon-DB with guns and wings and an attitude problem and I could not be happier about it. :D