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This is a user page. I mostly read the wiki but will probably put something here. Sometime.

I'm putting something here! I like rabbits and have come up with many rabbit-related microcontent thingies for Exalted.

Ben-San, are you the same person as Ben-San Arizona, who writes on -- TedPro(?)

If he isn't, something has perhaps gone terribly wrong. -- AntiVehicleRocket (who needs to get registered for already)
I am in fact the same person, yes. There like here, I am more likely to comment on other people's posts than to make an initial posting of my own. -Ben-San

Sweet! I'm TedPro there, again writing a bunch of rules. I'm surprised there's so much intersection, but it makes sense. Dissimilar games, but a lot of the appeal in both games is the same. -TedPro

And I tend to write back on other peoples' pages. ^^; Thanks for pointing out the minor changes bit, which I had completely ignored until now. Tanks! And Air Cav too! ^_^ -Suzume