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I'm currently running:

    • Dragonblooded - Exploring the life and loves of a couple of scions of house Cynis long before the Empress' disappearance (got Jochim with a little assist from the Winddancer and game is now on Hiatus)

Game Stuff

TheProphecy - Looking over some proposed characters for an upcoming game while slacking off at work, a poem came to me that perfectly sums up the metaplot I'll be constructing for the game, forgive me if it's vile, but at least it rhymes! Also, the main villian is a concept that makes some use of the Fair Folk Mutation charms that I came up with, so...


  • Solar Charms
    • Solar Melee : Just one charm at the moment, but it's a neat one.

  • Lunar Charms
  • Dragon Blooded Charms
  • Fair Folk Charms
    • Fair Folk Mutation : The Origin of Primordials... Lessened due to use by the shaped, I developed these for villianous use in my games
      • InceptionOfPrinciple : This is the page for creating new Traits for the charm Inception of Principle detailed in the above charm list.


Spells : First one is inspired by Avatar: the last Airbender




FIRST COMMENT! I'm still digesting those insane Mutation Charms, but I think I like you. :D (Also, BestPractices and so on.) -DarkheartOne

Cool! Funny thing is, this page has been here forever, or at least months.. And those charms are meant for an antagonist in a game I'm gonna be running soon and are sorta based on the idea that the Primordials were originally unshaped Fair Folk -MadGreenSon